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Logistics and warehousing

Logistics and warehousing, along with sales fulfillment, have become critically-important sectors for the UK economy. As online sales grow across both B2B and B2C markets, tens of thousands of businesses rely on goods being transported, stored and processed efficiently.

SafeGroup is supporting this work with planned, periodic and reactive Specialist Cleaning and waste management services that warehousing and logistics clients know they can rely on.

Whether you need emergency fly-tip clearance or internal flood clean-up, anti-microbial surface decontamination and protection, or peak demand waste removal services, SafeGroup is ready to provide dependable and safe support.

SafeGroup services – the benefits

  • Streamlined supply chain
  • Reduced costs
  • Integrated service delivery
  • High compliance and resilience
  • Latest technologies & solutions
  • Rapid emergency mobilisation
  • Consistent delivery
  • Real time service data
  • 24 hours a day response
  • Enhanced sustainability

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Supporting logistics and warehousing – our services

SafeGroup delivers a full suite of services across specialist cleaning, waste removal and site decontamination that provides warehousing clients with significant advantages in terms of efficient and fast service delivery through a simplified supply chain.

All our services are self-delivered. We also have an in-house health, safety, environment and quality team that ensures our services are fully-compliant, and will dovetail with all client safety and quality standards.

Internal cleaning

Setting high standards for cleaning and waste removal is vital for safe goods distribution and warehousing operations. SafeGroup supports in-house facilities teams by delivering specialist services or additional resources at times when activities or events put them under particular strain.

For example, SafeGroup can carry out periodic intensive and deep cleans to ensure site cleaning is maintained over time at a required standard.

We use specialist equipment and techniques to carry out chemical, fuel and oil spill cleaning so clients meet health and safety standards. Our operatives can also carry out high level cleaning, for example of racking or fixed internal structures, including bird dropping cleaning.

Floor cleaning and sealing

SafeGroup is the mainland UK exclusive contractor for Bonasystems floor cleaning and anti-slip products.

Slipping on dirty, oily or greasy floors and stairs is one of the biggest causes of workplace accidents and injuries in distribution, warehousing and fulfilment centres in the UK.

Slips and trips cost companies £millions in lost work days, compensation and fines following prosecution every year.

By using our specialist products and techniques – to clean and seal warehouse floors, protecting them from wear and making sure they meet anti-slip standards – we can greatly reduce these financial and reputational risks.

Anti-slip assessments and floor coatings

Our operatives are also training and qualified to carry out slip resistance testing (using the pendulum test) on all floors and put in place a programme of works, including flood cleaning and the application of a specialist anti-slip coating to make floor compliant with health and safety regulations.

External cleaning

Maintaining the external facades of buildings, plus walkways, warehouse aprons and equipment storage areas to high standards is also important for setting high safety and operational standards.

SafeGroup is regularly called in to carry out high level cleaning at logistics sites, using powered access platforms or access tower systems. We carry out pressure washing and pressure steam cleaning to remove pollutants, spills and grime from buildings, paths and roadways.

Periodic and planned waste removal

Most logistics and warehouse facilities have planned waste collection systems in place. However, waste can still build up over time, especially if it sits outside the service level agreement for a standard waste carrier.

SafeGroup can deal with this waste swiftly and safely. Items such as broken pallets, packaging material, spoiled goods, fly-tipped waste and defective equipment can be quickly removed. We strive to ensure all waste collected is diverted from landfill.

In some cases, especially where space is constrained, logistics operations do not allow the placement of skips. In these cases, our wait and load waste collection service still allows waste to be collected promptly and efficiently.

Emergency services

HGV stowaway deep cleaning

Dealing with stowaways on HGVs is a constant hazard for logistics and road haulage operators. Part of the response to these challenges is the need to deep clean and disinfect shipping containers and lorry trailers after stowaways have been found.

SafeGroup carries out this highly-confidential container and trailer cleaning and decontamination for logistics companies across the UK. We will respond rapidly and discreetly to calls for assistance, wherever it is needed, for example at a port or at a distribution centre.

Our deep cleaning and waste removal services ensure trailers are quickly and safely hygienically cleaned and cleared of potentially hazardous waste.

Our stowaway container and trailer cleaning service includes:

  • Container and trailer cleaning and disinfection
  • Where appropriate, cleaning and decontamination of loads
  • Removal and safe disposal of materials and items left behind by stowaways
  • Removal and safe disposal of waste created by decontamination of loads (whole or part)
  • Recording of evidence of damage and decontamination risk caused by stowaways, including taking pictures and recording video
  • Liaising with insurance representatives in the creation of inventories of damaged loads

Stowaway decontamination

We use electrostatic disinfection spraying to treat shipping containers and trailers affected by stowaway activity to create hygienically clean environments (see below), including carrying out COVID-19 decontamination.

If necessary, we can also provide ozone enclosed space cleaning, the ultimate method for guaranteeing the destruction of all bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that may be present in an HGV trailer.

Fly-tip clearance

Distribution and warehouse parks are often the target of fly-tippers, illegally dumping unsightly and potentially dangerous waste that may impede a site’s safe use.

SafeGroup provides the UK’s fastest response times for fly-tip clearance and can called out day and night to remove safely removal illegal waste, using purpose designed waste vehicles.

Our operatives are trained to remove hazardous waste, including biological waste, chemical waste and WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment).

As both a waste carrier and cleaning specialist, we will carry out any hygienic and bio-hazard cleaning needed to make a site targeted by fly-tippers safe for employees and visits.

Flood and fire clean-up

SafeGroup has many years’ experience in carrying out flood, sewage spill and fire and smoke clean-ups. Both internal and external flooding can cause major disruption at warehouse and distribution centres.

SafeGroup will safely and quickly coordinate and carry out the clean-up operation following flooding, mobilising the jet vac and tinkering assets needed to clear up flood water.

We will then carry out specialist deep cleaning needed to eliminate risks caused by wastewater and sewage escaping into both internal and external environments.

Damage caused by fires and the smoke they generate also need to be tackled quickly. We are experienced and qualified fire recovery specialists.

As with flood clean-up and recovery, we work with clients and their insurance representatives to minimise the damage and costs incurred during these emergencies, speeding the process of recovery.

Food waste and freezer breakdowns

SafeGroup has many years’ experience supporting national retailers and food wholesalers in collecting food waste caused by freezer and chiller breakdowns. Using purpose-designed waste vans, we will respond rapidly and decisively to calls for assistance. We have developed a national network of sustainable waste processing suppliers, with all food waste going to support anaerobic digestion.

Anti-microbial decontamination

SafeGroup delivers anti-microbial decontamination and protection services, including protection against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have helped distribution centres across the UK remain open and operational by carrying out electrostatic COVID-19 decontamination spraying and ozone cleaning, as reactive and planned services.

Our antimicrobial decontamination services can be used to treat any type of area or equipment, including forklift trucks, HGV cabs and trailers.

“As a business, we felt we needed more protection than provided by PPE and two-metre distancing. That’s where SafeGroup’s [COVID-19 disinfection] service came in. We planned a two-month treatment programme for our shops and our distribution centre. I am happy to say that, to date, we’ve had no instances where anyone has caught Covid-19 whilst being in one of our stores or working in our distribution centre.”

Kevin Morris | Head of Retail, Radley

We are grateful to SafeGroup for its quick response and assistance when we’ve need its help. SafeGroup has always kept us informed and updated with the status of the jobs it’s undertaking. It’s a company that does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it.

Michelle Sutcliffe | Health and Safety Manager, Ann Summers

Anti-microbial coating – Touchpoint Shield

SafeGroup has developed one of the UK’s most effective antimicrobial coating services, providing clients with greatly enhanced protection against bacterial and viral threats, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused COVID-19.

Our Touchpoint Shield coating is highly durable, lasts at least three years, and is ideal for treating touchpoints in logistics and warehousing environments, including door handles, door push plates, taps and bathroom and toilet furniture.

Find out more:

Touchpoint Shield can also be coated on desks, chairs, control switches and vehicle controls, including gear sticks and dashboard switches.

Laboratory tests on a range of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. The tests show it successfully destroys 99.99+% of the bugs, greatly enhancing protection for employees and site visitors.

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