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Commercial Kitchen Deep cleaning

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is vital to meet high hygiene standards required and to maintain safe and well-run operation in restaurants, hotels and workplace cafeterias. SafeGroup has trained in-house teams of specialist cleaning technicians who can carry out kitchen deep cleans anywhere in the UK.

We deliver UK-wide commercial kitchen deep cleaning as a reactive, planned and periodic service so our customers meet the high hygiene and food safety standards expected of them.

Carrying out regular kitchen deep cleans is a specialist task and a key element of hygiene and food safety planning carried out by restaurants, fast-food chains and hotels to ensure they meet rigorous environmental health regulations.

Who we work for with

SafeGroup carries out commercial deep cleaning for a wide range of clients in the hospitality, retail and food production industries. Our clients include the UK’s top restaurants and pub chains, schools, colleges, businesses with staff cafeterias, and well-known fast-food companies.

As a national specialist cleaning company, with depots and technicians located across the UK, our kitchen clean-up teams can be mobilised quickly and seamlessly to carry out commercial kitchen deep clean-up at any time of the day or night to best suit our clients’ needs.

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Kitchen deep cleaning – our approach

SafeGroup always aims to carry out kitchen deep cleaning safely and thoroughly, ensuring that all facilities cleaned are left hygienically clean and aligned with all regulatory food and environmental health standards.

We provide a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) for all kitchen clean-up work carried out. Our technicians wear full protective clothing. They are trained to safely use the equipment and specialist cleaning chemicals required.

Our technicians wear full protective clothing. They are trained to safely use the equipment and specialist cleaning chemicals required and undergo structured commercial kitchen cleaning training so their work is carried out efficiently and to a high standard.

As a 24/7 365 days a year specialist service provider, our cleaning technicians can be mobilised to work on kitchens at times that best suit our customers. For example, at night when premises are closed to customers or during planned maintenance shutdowns.

Our teams use a digital job management system that records all activities which pictures taken throughout the process to document the kitchen clean-up work carried out and the standards achieved so clients have due diligence evidence of our work.

Planning for cleaning – helping clients prepare

Comprehensive kitchen deep cleaning can only be optimised with effective planning. To carry out projects thoroughly, equipment and foodstuffs need to be moved out of the way to allow our technicians to reach all spaces that need deep cleaning.

Given the often constrained time window we work in, this task needs to be completed before our teams arrive. SafeGroup can provide storage boxes for our clients to use to clear their kitchens before they are deep cleaned takes place.


Best techniques and pure diligence

Effective commercial kitchen cleaning is about two things – using the best methodology and diligence…mixed with a good helping of elbow grease.

We use a structured system to ensure every square inch of a kitchen is cleaned to the highest hygiene standards. That means getting into nooks and crannies that most people never knew existed. Not least because kitchen deep cleaning is vital to fire safety in restaurants and hotels.

We do not just clean surfaces, we clean behind them and under them. Commercial kitchen cleaning is about using the right equipment and professional cleaning chemicals and applying them thoroughly.

It also requires additional diligence. A desire and obsession to get kitchen surfaces, equipment and fixtures supremely clean. Kitchen deep cleaning is hard work that our technicians are proud not to shirk.

Safegroup Kitchen deep clean Safegroup Kitchen deep clean - Cleaning floors

Kitchen floor deep cleaning

Kitchen floors also need to be regularly cleaned as part of deep cleaning strategy. Otherwise, grease and oils from food preparation can result in significant slip hazards.

SafeGroup is the UK mainland exclusive contractor for Bonasystems, the UK’s leading manufacturer of floor deep cleaning, floor sealing and floor anti-slip treatment products.

As part of your commercial kitchen deep cleaning emergency or planned maintenance programme, we can clean and treat your floors, including carrying out slip risk assessments to keep your staff safe, working in a health and safety compliant environment.


Commercial kitchen cleaning – find out more

We’re proud to deliver a service that is vital to the success of hotels, restaurants, fast-food outlets and many other commercial kitchens across the UK.

Find out more about commercial kitchen deep cleaning from SafeGroup. Call 0800 668 1268.

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