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Frequently Asked Questions

As a specialist service provider, using advanced equipment, products and techniques, we’re very used to being asked about our services and the benefits they provide. You will find, here, answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your query, simply call us. We’d be very happy to help.

Q. When can you attend?

A. SafeGroup provides a reactive emergency response service and aims to respond and be on site within a 12-24 hour period.


Q. What accreditations does SafeGroup hold?

A. SafeGroup is a member of several external independent trade organisations which regularly audit the company. Our accreditation certificates and membership organisations can be found on this page


Q. Can you attend today?

A. In many instances the teams at SafeGroup can attend on the same day, depending on the site location. However, during periods of high demand this is not always guaranteed.


Q. Do you operate 24/7?

A. SafeGroup provides a 24/7 service for emergency (reactive work). We also carry out much of the planned work required by our clients during quieter out of hours periods, so we do operate 24/7.


Q. Do we have to empty a building or a space before you deep clean it?

A. That depends on the type of service being provided. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove items from an area so our operatives can deep clean it efficiently and effectively.

Some services, such as Covid-19 decontamination, do not need areas to be cleared. We will advise you about what preparations are needed before we come to do the work.


Q. After electrostatic spray disinfection has been carried out can we re-enter the treated area?

A. A slight scent may linger for up to 3 hours, but it is safe to re-enter treated areas within 15 minutes.


Q. Does SafeGroup own its own waste disposal sites?

A. SafeGroup does not own its own waste disposal sites. SafeGroup is a waste logistics company and have a good working relationship with many disposal sites across the UK.

This enables SafeGroup to locate the most appropriate disposal site for the waste being collected. We focus on working with disposal sites that can recycle or reuse the waste where possible.


Q. Does SafeGroup double crew its waste vehicles?

A. Not necessarily. The SafeGroup vehicles fleet is designed to enable single driver crews, where appropriate. If an additional operative is required we will advise you of that and explain the reasons why.


Q. What geographical area does SafeGroup cover?

A. SafeGroup delivers its services across the whole UK mainland from four key locations at Coulsdon, South London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham.


Q. How long will the job take?

A. There is no specific defined timeframe for each of the services that SafeGroup provides. For cleaning and pest solutions, the time needed will depend on the size of the area and the complexity of the task. For waste management services, time on site depends on the type and volume of waste, ease of access to the waste, and the size of the area the waste covers.

Based on initial discussions, we will give you an indication of length of time each job will take. If necessary, this can be supported by a site visit, which will help us assess timeframes.


Q. What experience does SafeGroup have?

A. SafeGroup has been providing specialist cleaning, pest control and waste management services since the company was founded in 2004. Key members of the senior leadership team have many more years’ experience in the delivery of Specialist Cleaning services.

Operatives undergo training and extensive induction processes on joining SafeGroup even if they have previously worked in the Specialist Cleaning and waste sector.


Q. Do you issue completion certificates and waste transfer notes?

A. SafeGroup provides a fully transparent record of work for all our clients. We issue completion certificates for cleaning services and waste transfer notes for all waste transactions, in compliance with government guidance and legislation.


Q. How much will my job cost?

A. Every job for all services provided by SafeGroup is individually priced by our experienced sales and helpdesk teams. When you call, provide as much accurate information as possible, along with images of the area to be clean and/or the waste to be collected, if you can provide them.

Once the price has been provided and a purchase order (PO) issued, or the job has been paid for by credit or debit card, the work will be scheduled on our digital operations platform and a team despatched on the date and time agreed.