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Fly Tip Collection

Fly-tipping continues to be a serious problem. SafeGroup provides a fly-tipping clearance service you can rely on, with fast and safe response to all types of fly-tipping anywhere in the UK.

Our emergency waste removal teams are ready to respond around the clock to remove fly-tip waste from any environment, including business premises, roadsides, agricultural and forestry land.

Professional fly-tip clearance

Fly-tipping is an unsightly blight on the landscape, creates hazards and is environmentally damaging and remains a serious problem with more than one million fly tip events recorded in England alone in 2018-19.

SafeGroup will respond rapidly to remove fly-tip waste quickly and safely, taking it to an authorised site for proper treatment & disposal.

Fly-tipping sites should only be cleared be waste specialists with the right skills, knowhow and equipment. Unsorted waste, often dumped at the roadside, is inherently hazardous especially given the durability of the SARS-COV-2 (coronavirus) virus on many materials, including metal, plastic, wood and textiles.

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Fly-tip waste hazards

  • Fly-tip waste often contains hazardous material that people are dumping because they do not want to pay the additional costs of proper disposal, for example fridges and gas cannisters
  • Fly-tipped material may contain items that can cause injury, such as broken furniture with sharp edges or drugs paraphernalia
  • Illegally dumped waste may also contain bio-hazardous material, or biohazards may have been created by those dumping the waste
  • Waste dumped by the side of the road creates additional dangers, heightening the risk of a collision between vehicles and pedestrians
  • Fly-tip waste may also be bulky and heavy, which can result in personal injury for people without the right manual handling skills.
  • Fly-tipped waste may still have active and transmissible SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) virus present on various surfaces

The fly-tipping experts

With SafeGroup, you can be sure all these hazards are properly dealt with. Out staff follow the waste removal guidelines set out in The Duty of Care Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

All hazards are considered and included in a risk assessment of every fly-tipping waste removal project we undertake.

Our emergency waste teams are trained in the most effective way to clear fly-tipping sites. This includes identifying risks, using the correct manual handling and lifting skills and transporting waste safely to the correct disposal location in accordance with the waste hierarchy

We ensure they have the correct protective clothing and equipment to deal with waste so dangerous it is potentially deadly. That includes specialist gloves, goggles, respiratory protection and full-body protective suits.

Large-scale fly-tipping

Some fly-tipping can be very extensive, with thousands of tonnes of waste dumped at one location, often a disused industrial or remote agricultural site, in just a few days.

Where this has happened, SafeGroup will work with our client and all relevant authorities, including local authority environmental health officers, police and transport authorities to clear the site quickly and safely without hindering any official investigations.

Where necessary, we will arrange for heavy plant to be brought to the site to remove large quantities of fly-tipping waste in a controlled and safe manner.

SafeGroup will also work with the client to secure the site, if possible, against any further fly-tipping activity. Our experience clearing hundreds of fly-tip sites a year gives us an excellent insight into the preventative measures that work.

Our fly-tipping clients

We provide fly-tipping services for a wide range of clients, including commercial property owners, local authorities, government agencies, facilities management companies, private landowners, farmers and home owners.

What gets fly-tipped most?

Penalties for fly-tipping can be severe. Those found guilty can be fined up to £50,000 and jailed for up to 12 months if convicted in a magistrates’ court. However, proving who is responsible for this destructive behaviour is can be very difficult.

There are various materials that fall under the category of ‘fly-tipping’ waste. These include:

  • Tyres – 55 million waste tyres are disposed of every year and thousands of these are illegally fly-tipped
  • Construction, demolition and excavation waste makes up 6% of all fly tipping waste
  • Household waste, including furniture and mattresses makes up 48% of illegally dumped waste
  • Household waste in black bags represents 17% of all fly-tipped material
  • Commercial waste accounts for 9% of fly-tipping
  • Other types of waste, including vehicle parts, white goods and even animal carcasses makes up another 9% of illegal waste

Fly Tip Collection Services

At SafeGroup we have a team of highly trained staff who specialise in Fly Tip Collection. We offer our fly tip collection services across the United Kingdom. To find out more about this service or to receive a free quote please contact us below.

Business continuity planning

The risk of fly-tipping should be considered as part of business continuity planning. If you experience fly-tipping on your property or want to be able call in expert support if it happens, call SafeGroup today: 0800 668 1268

Safety is paramount. All hazards are considered and included in a risk assessment of every fly-tipping waste removal project SafeGroup undertakes

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