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Flood Clean-up

Being hit by flood damage is a property owner’s worst nightmare. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the UK. Every year, thousands of businesses and homes suffer flood damage.
SafeGroup is an expert in flood clean-up and property restoration. From pumping out flood water to installing sophisticated building drying systems during flood restoration, you can count on our expert support.

Flood Damage Restoration

With weather becoming more volatile because of climate change, flooding is a growing problem in the UK. Homes and businesses not hit by floods in the past can suddenly be inundated by water from water courses or surcharging sewers.

SafeGroup provides comprehensive flood cleaning support for businesses and homeowners. Our expert services, developed over many years of service, include: emergency flood water pumping and removal, flood clean-up and waste removal, building drying and flood water building restoration.

Speed is essential in responding to flood incidents. Our experienced and trained specialist teams can be with you straight away. We can then work with you professionally and sensitively through every step of the flood recovery process.

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Who we work with

As one of the UK’s leading flood clean-up specialists, we work with commercial and industrial businesses, utility companies, and homeowners to deliver flood recovery support.

Organisations we have helped after floods including colleges, care homes, manufacturers, IT specialists, supermarkets and other retailers, sports clubs, social housing landlords and local authorities, as well as private home owners.

During the flood recovery process, we also work closely with, and on behalf of, insurance companies, and loss assessors, and building surveyors and contractors so flood damage is properly identified and repaired. Our expertise is invaluable to these agencies in assessing what can be saved and what needs to be replaced.

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Flood damage clean-up process

Once a building has been safely evacuated, work can begin to restore your premises to full operation again. We will first pump all flood water out of the building, using a vacuumation tanker if necessary, and assess remaining damage.

Our specialist flood waste teams will then remove all irreparably damaged stock, equipment and room furnishings. Being flooded is a traumatic experience. We always work sensitively and sympathetically with property owners. Nothing is removed without full approval.

Your building will be extensively cleaned with our specialist equipment and professionally inspected for structural damage. The building will then by dried in a carefully planned process to suppress mould and mildew growth and prevent further damage during the drying process.

We use sophisticated professional dryers and dehumidifiers managed in a way that accelerates the drying process while protecting your building. We can also carrying out disinfection processes, such as fogging, to eliminate bad odours and bacteria.

Flood Damage Clean Up and Restoration

We offer our flood damage clean up and restoration services across the United Kingdom. At SafeGroup we have a highly skilled team who specialise in flood damage restoration for both residential and commercial properties.

We provide flood damage cleaning services from the first emergency right through building drying and restoration so our customers recover from the trauma of flooding as quickly as possible.


basement with flood water damage

Flood waste collection

As an emergency waste collection specialist, SafeGroup provides a seamless flood recovery service. Items contaminated by floods must be managed carefully in line with national safety and waste regulations.

All items that have come into contact with sewage be treated as hazardous waste. Clean water left to stand for a period of time must also be treated as hazardous, due to the build-up of pathogens, along with potentially toxic materials it comes into contact with.

Flooded buildings are particularly dangerous due to slip and trip hazards and the potential impact on electricity and gas supplies. All our operatives receive additional training, equipment and PPE to work in these challenging conditions.

We will support your insurance representatives and building professionals to establish what can be saved and carefully itemising, where appropriate, the flood waste items being removed.

Safe and sustainable waste disposal

SafeGroup is committed to ensuring all waste is disposed of safely and sustainably, in a way that minimised the impact on the environment, reducing landfill to a minimum, while meeting the highest legal and ethical standards.


flooded bathroom - sewage - before


flooded bathroom - sewage - after

Flood advice from SafeGroup

It pays to be prepared for winter flooding. Taking decisive steps to plan for the worst weather will help you prevent or reduce damage to your home or business.

Find out about our flood and fire waste removal service

Read our case study about flood cleaning in South Yorkshire

Sign up for flood warnings and advice in England

Sign up for flood warnings and advice in Scotland

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Flood damage risks – the facts

A Future Floods report by the government’s Office of Science and Technology calculated that 2,045,000 properties were at risk of flooding in the UK.

The same report calculated the annual cost of flood damage in the UK to be £1.4bn.

A study published in the scientific journal Nature concluded that climate change has increased the risk of floods in England and Wales by at least 20% and potentially up to 90%.

The three UK communities most at risk of flooding, according to an analysis of data from 1.25m home insurance claims by Money Supermarket, are Hull, Carlisle and Lancaster. Up to 7.6% of homes in Hull were found to be at risk.

Different types of flood damage

There are different types of flooding that need to be dealt with in different ways. Flooding caused by a water main burst will cause different challenges to an incident triggered by the backing up of sewage in a sewer, or flash flooding caused by a sudden storm.

Clean water damage

This is usually leaks from kitchen appliances or a water tank in the loft. As long as this water is dealt with quickly, it presents a low risk to human health but can cause damage to floors, furnishings and the building fabric. If it is left to stand, allowing organisms to develop or pollutants to seep into it, this flood water can pose a risk to human health.

Grey water damage

This is usually water that has been used in a business or home for washing, cleaning or a non-hazardous industrial process. It may contain some micro-organisms and the nutrients which they survive in, as well as dirt, grease, cleaning agents and human hair. Grey flood water poses a moderate risk to human health.

Black water damage

This is highly unsanitary water that poses a high risk to human health. It is water that is contaminated by sewage or other harmful chemicals or agents. Black water must be treated with greatest care during a flood clean-up process and can cause the most lasting damage to building fabric.

Call SafeGroup about flood damage cleaning

Call SafeGroup and talk to us about incorporating our flood recovery and clean-up service into your emergency planning and business continuity procedures.

We offer a range of flood services such as; Flooded Basement Clean Up, After flooding building drying, Sewage Clean Up & Water Damage Cleanup

We can advise you on flood prevention measures to reduce flood risks. If the worst happens, SafeGroup will be on site quickly, ready to remove flood water and clean up your premises. Call 0800 668 1268.

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