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Hygienic Deep Cleaning

SafeGroup is a national leader in carrying out hygienic deep cleaning, helping customers maintain the strictest hygiene standards. We work across all sectors, including healthcare, catering and hospitality, assisting in-house cleaning teams in protecting staff and customers from the risk of infection.

Deep cleaning – high standards

From meeting food safety standards to protecting against COVID-19 and other pathogens, SafeGroup hygienic deep cleaning teams have the expertise and experience needed to safeguard businesses, their staff and customers.

We use the latest cleaning technologies, combined with tried and tested, thorough and painstaking application to ensure our hygienic deep cleans achieve the results our customers require.

Who we work for

SafeGroup provides a national service, with teams based in regions across the UK, ready to carry out planned deep cleaning or respond to hygiene emergencies at a moment’s notice.

We carry out deep cleaning for hospitals, restaurants, retailers, transport providers, the prison service, local authorities, schools, housing associations, care providers, food manufacturers, and many more organisations, for whom the highest hygiene standards are essential.

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Deep cleaning – related SafeGroup services

10 reasons for hygienic deep cleaning

Most organisations have inhouse cleaning teams who do a good job of carrying out day-to-day cleaning. Including hygienic deep cleaning from SafeGroup within your planned preventative maintenance will greatly support these teams, helping them maintain high standards by:

  1. Ensuring hygiene standards meet health and safety regulations required by your industry.
  2. Set benchmarks for standard cleaning teams to work to.
  3. Create a visibly clean space which is likely to be essential in a post-COVID-19 pandemic working environment.
  4. Support the wellbeing and mental health of staff and customers concerned about cleanliness and harmful pathogens.
  5. Prevent the build-up of bad odours.
  6. Maintain building and furnishings fabric by removing dust, grease and other dirt.
  7. Reduce the risk of pest infestation.
  8. Extend the life of operating plant and machinery.
  9. Prepare premises or equipment for sale.
  10. Set hygiene and cleaning standards that give you a competitive advantage.

Hygienic deep cleaning – our process

As a deep cleaning specialist, SafeGroup has developed robust systems for handling all projects so customers are completely satisfied and impressed with our service.

  • All operatives are highly trained in cleaning methodologies and related working practices, for example working at height.
  • We use full PPE to protect our teams and ensure hygiene results are the best they can be.
  • The most appropriate cleaning systems are used, from specialist chemicals to the latest electrostatic spraying systems.
  • We look to use the most sustainable cleaning systems to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of our services.
  • We observe best health and safety practice, with a risk assessment and method statement agreed for each project and COSSH data completed and supplied.
  • Our teams are experienced at working in live environments or can be mobilised out of hours, including at night, to minimise disruption and ensure the best deep cleaning results are achieved.
Hygienic Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning – our services

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning

Periodic hygienic deep cleaning of catering premises and commercial kitchens is essential. The build-up of oil and grease creates cross-contamination risks as well as fire hazards in cooker hood ventilation systems.

Our teams carry out planned deep cleaning in some of the biggest commercial kitchens in the UK, leaving them spotless and compliant with the toughest food safety regulations.

We use our expertise to advise clients on the appropriate scope of works so planned kitchen deep cleaning can be carried out regularly to minimise safety and infection risks.

Washroom deep cleaning

Washrooms and toilets represent one of the highest risk areas for the transmission of viruses and bacteria that can cause serious illness. Our washroom deep cleans include disinfection of walls, floors and ceilings. We can also clean urinal and toilet pipework, reducing the risk of blockages and bad odors.

Healthcare deep cleaning

Our teams are experienced at carrying out hygienic deep cleans in hospitals and health clinics, for example to help medical teams recover from outbreaks of norovirus. We also carry out ducting cleaning in operating theatres to control the risk of infection cross-contamination.

Restaurant and food retail deep cleaning

It is vital for restaurants and food retail outlets to set the highest possible hygiene standards, both in terms of food safety and business reputation. SafeGroup supports customers across the UK by carrying out regular deep cleans as part of their PPM programme – so they comply with their duty of care to staff and customers.

Factory deep cleaning

Like shops and restaurants, factories benefit greatly from regular deep cleaning.

In food factories this is essential. SafeGroup teams are experienced and fully equipped for deep cleaning areas contaminated with grease, industrial oils, chemicals and dust and powder residue, controlling hazards associated with such substances and other risks, such as slips and falls.

Food Factory deep cleaning

Specialist disinfection services

Our hygienic deep cleaning services include specialist disinfection, for example to control risks associated with the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease it can cause. We can use a range of methods, including electrostatic spraying and ozone treatment to eliminate the virus and inhibit its return.

Emergency hygienic deep cleaning

Hygienic deep cleaning is best carried out as a planned service. But in the real world, there is often a need to move quickly to address serious hygiene and infection risks. That is why SafeGroup is always ready to carry out emergency hygienic deep cleaning. Our deep cleaning teams can be mobilised quickly to work around the clock, addressing your infection control challenges.

Hygienic Deep Cleaning Services

At SafeGroup we have a team of highly trained staff who specialise in Hygienic Deep Cleaning. We currently offer our deep cleaning services across the United Kingdom. Contact us below to find out more about this service and to receive a free quote.

Call the deep cleaning experts

If you need planned or emergency expert support to carry out hygienic deep cleaning in any setting, call SafeGroup today. We are ready to offer our expert advice and take immediate action: 0800 668 1268.

Hygienic deep cleaning

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