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Peak demand waste collection

SafeGroup supports customers in managing changes in waste volumes with a highly-responsive peak demand waste collection service. When standard waste collection arrangements may not cope, we will step in with rapid support to ensure all commercial and legal duties are always met, and the reputations of our customers are protected.

Many businesses, especially in the hospitality and food sector, have to manage peaks and troughs in waste generation. Building these changes into standard waste collection services is often not viable, due to cost and onsite waste storage capacity.

That is where SafeGroup’s peak demand waste collection service, either as a planned or reactive emergency service, comes into play. We can step in and support customers for periods when waste generation is at its highest, so all waste collection needs are managed smoothly and with no disruption to their commercial interests.

Who we work for

Peak demand waste collection is often needed by hospitality businesses due to sudden changes in customer demand or seasonal fluctuations that need to be smoothed off with different waste collection regimes.

Our teams provide a flexible and responsive national peak demand waste collection service for hotels groups, restaurants, events companies pub chains, and food and drinks manufacturers – as well as the waste management companies and waste brokers who look after their waste collection needs.

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National and responsive peak demand service

Peaks in waste demand can often be predicted. For example, pubs and restaurants, and their waste collection providers, may need to take account of additional waste generated over a summer bank holiday weekend.

However, they can also take our customers by surprise. If there is a sudden change in the weather, and everyone wants to go out to eat and drink at the same time, pubs and restaurants may find that their standard waste collection service cannot cope with the amount of waste generated, for example leftover food, drinks bottles and aluminium cans.

Whether companies want to plan ahead and make use of our peak demand waste removal service when they know they will need it, or they have to call us in an emergency over a busy weekend of trading, we are ready to respond.

Many restaurants and pubs do not have space needed to store large volumes of waste. Leaving it to build up, potentially attracting vermin and complaints from neighbouring businesses and residents, is not an option.

There is always the risk that local authority environmental health enforcement officers could investigate such complaints, creating a risk of enforcement action and prosecution.

For events specialists, operating in public space, these risks may be multiplied. The answer is to talk to SafeGroup about how we can provide a peak demand waste collection service that dovetails perfectly you’re your regular waste collection services.

Peak demand support for waste management specialists

Our peak demand customers in the waste collection industry value our ability to support them when their services get stretched close to breaking point. They have to control their resource use, which means they might not have the capacity needed when demand goes off the scale.

We provide the most cost-effective waste management solution. Our clients can operate the optimum waste collection resources for 80% of the time, and call in SafeGroup at times of peak demand.

As we provide the additional waste collection capacity needed, waste companies never get to the point where they let down their customers, resulting in reputations being enhanced not damaged while their own resource utilisation is optimised.

Our experience at working with both waste companies and their clients means our waste collection teams can slot seamlessly into place so the restaurant, pub, or food company being supported will not notice the difference.

SafeGroup operates the latest, low emission bespoke waste collection vehicles that are small enough to quickly reach customers in any location but large enough to collect any additional volumes of waste a hospitality or restaurant client may generate.

Our digital job management system means our services are fully recorded and transparent so our customers can always be sure we are working effectively and compliantly on their behalf.

Find out more about SafeGroup’s peak time waste collection service. Call us today: 0800 668 1268.

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