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Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal

Removing bird droppings from buildings and pedestrian areas is important because bird guano is a serious risk to health. It can also damage building structures and is unsightly and can be smelly. SafeGroup provides a highly effective and safe bird guano cleaning and removal service, eliminating hazards to humans, pets and the built environment.

Bird droppings cleaning by SafeGroup

Bird droppings, also known as bird guano, are a common sight in UK towns and cities. Left uncontrolled, they can build up to become a hazard to human health and a risk to buildings.

The species that causes the biggest guano problem in towns and cities is the pigeon. It roosts in roof spaces and on window ledges in large numbers, depositing huge amounts of guano over time. Other birds, such as gulls and starlings, can also cause serious problems.

That is why SafeGroup provides a bird guano cleaning and removal service that comprehensively deals with the problem and, as a result of our pest control expertise, can include measures to prevent it returning.

We can provide a fast emergency bird guano cleaning service. Or we can carry out planned bird dropping cleaning as part of a PPM programme to prevent bird droppings becoming a major problem at your premises.

Who we work for

SafeGroup provides a bird guano cleaning service for a wide range of customers, including office landlords, property letting agents, facilities maintenance (FM) providers, surveyors, local authorities, retailers, housing landlords, and manufacturers.

We often work with surveyors, developers and construction companies when they are refurbishing and modernising buildings that have been derelict for some time to remove guano before work is begun.

SafeGroup also provides a bird dropping clean-up service for private householders, for example where balconies in blocks of flats have become contaminated, making them unusable until they are professionally and safely cleaned. Prices for this work start at £425.

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Why bird droppings removal is important

Bird dropping are not just an unsightly inconvenience. If they are given time to build up, or if they are left in specific areas, they can cause major health, environmental, legal, and economic risks.

  • Bird droppings are a hazard to health as they contain bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • They can cause trip and slip hazards that could result in serious injury and legal challenges.
  • Bird guano is acidic and can damage and permanently stain buildings. Limestone structures are particularly at risk.
  • It can cause bad smells which can be carried into buildings through ventilation systems.
  • Guano can contaminate machinery and equipment, such as air conditioning units and heating systems, causing them to fail.
  • Guano and related bird waste, including nesting material, can block gutters and drain downpipes leading to internal flooding.
  • Bird droppings can deter customers from visiting premises and cause serious upset to people who work in affected buildings and spaces, damaging a buiness’s reputation.
Bird droppings cleaning

Bird droppings cleaning – the SafeGroup response

Bird guano is toxic so should be treated as hazardous waste. Also, the clean-up process often involves working at height or in confined spaces which present added health and safety challenges.

As a specialist extreme cleaning and waste management company SafeGroup has the expertise, resources, and experience to tackle bird droppings problems of any scale in any location.

  • We prepare and supply a risk assessment and method statement for all bird guano cleaning tasks.
  • We use the latest professional disinfectants to sanitise affected areas and eliminate bad smells.
  • Our bird dropping cleaning teams are all fully trained and experienced, and follow clear policies and procedures.
  • They always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including respirators, where necessary.
  • The needs and concerns of all stakeholders, including client employees, customers and tenants are always considered.
  • All cleaning operations are carried out sensitively and sustainably, with no harm done to animals.
  • Bird guano waste is taken to appropriate hazardous waste centres for safe and legal disposal.
  • All data is logged on our digital job management system, including photographic evidence of the work carried out.
  • We can provide expert advice on bird pest control and proofing measures to minimise the risk of bird guano problems reoccurring.

Business risks caused by bird guano

Pest birds and the guano they leave behind can cause major environmental and commercial risks that should not be under-estimated. This is why timely and regular cleaning is essential. Key risks include:

  • Extra cleaning and repair costs.
  • Enforcement action by environmental health officers if bird droppings are considered an unacceptable danger to public safety.
  • Enforcement action by conservation regulators to protect heritage buildings.
  • Staff retention problems.
  • Legal action by individuals, local authorities, the HSE or unions as a result of slip and fall incidents.
  • Damage to the business brand.






How bird droppings can make you ill

Bird droppings harbour many pathogens that risk human health. Here are six health risks caused by pest birds that building owners and facilities managers need to be aware of.

  1. Salmonella – Pigeons and starlings can carry this bacterium which can be fatal for people weakened by illness.
  2. Escherichia coli (E. coli) – A bacterium commonly carried by pigeons and other birds and spread through droppings. It can cause intestinal illnesses that can be very serious, and on rare occasions, fatal.
  3. Campylobacter jejuni – A bacterium in bird faeces and one of the most common causes of gastroenteritis, an illness that causes around 100 deaths in the UK every year.
  4. Listeria – A bacterium that can cause potentially fatal listeriosis. Unborn children can suffer a related condition called meningoencephalitis which has a 50% death rate.
  5. Cryptococcosis – A fungal infection picked up from dried bird droppings through inhalation of dust. It causes lung infections and can attack the central nervous system.
  6. Hiptoplasmosis – A disease associated with pigeons, starlings, and seagulls. Weakened people, such as elderly people and cancer patients, can experience a flu-like illness and lung infections.

Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal

At SafeGroup we have a team of highly skilled staff who specialise in Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal. We offer bird dropping cleaning services across the United Kingdom. Contact us below to find out more and to receive a free quote.

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If you need fast, effective and reliable bird guano cleaning and removal, call SafeGroup today. We will provide a safe and thorough service that eliminates the problem and we can help prevent it returning: 0800 668 1268.

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