CleanSafe is a leading national emergency and extreme cleaning specialist. Services include after-flood building cleaning and drying, fire cleaning and restoration, high-level and deep cleaning, and biohazard cleaning.

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WasteSafe is a national emergency waste specialist. Services include food waste collection, including freezer breakdowns and recalls, fire and flood waste, sewage waste disposal, plus fly tipping and hoarding clearance.

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PestSafe provides pest removal and monitoring solutions for all pests, including rodents, insects, and birds. Key sectors include facilities management, food manufacturing, retail, warehousing, hospitality, housing, and care homes.

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LegionellaSafe is a national legionella prevention service. Services include risk assessment, bespoke monitoring, water sampling and testing, equipment installation, legionella remedial works, and consultancy.

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SUPERPROOF is the UK’s leading rodent proofing specialist. It uses advanced unique and innovative proofing techniques and materials to prevent mice and rats from getting into homes, public buildings, and commercial premises.

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