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Anti-slip Floor Treatments

SafeGroup is the sole contract application partner for the UK’s leading commercial anti-slip floor coating – making your floors safer to walk on, protecting your staff and customers from slips and trips.

Our specialist service has been proven to significantly and quantifiably improve safety, reducing the risk of injury and the legal, regulatory and reputation costs associated with workplace falls.

Are your floors safe enough?

If you are concerned that your floors may be causing a slip and trip risk, SafeGroup can help find out the facts and the best solutions.

We have exclusive rights in mainland UK for the contract application of products supplied by Bonasystems, the UK’s leading floor coating and cleaning product specialist.

This includes Bonasystems Grip, used by businesses and organisations across the UK to significantly and quantifiably reduce the risk of slips and trips, and the costs they incur.

Anti slip floor treatment - The Causes

Who we work for

SafeGroup applied Bonasystems Grip on behalf of a wide range of customers, from major organisations to much smaller ones. They include transport hubs, retailers, sports stadia, leisure companies, restaurants and hotels.

We work with construction contractors to apply our anti-slip floor treatment as part of their new-build or refurbishment process. We can also treat live environments, to ensure premises are as safe as possible.

As a national service provider, we can deliver our anti-slip floor coating services anywhere in mainland UK, working from our four regional depots, in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Livingstone, in Scotland.

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The case for making your floors safer

Unsafe floors are the biggest cause of serious injury in the workplace and the biggest proportion of those are simple slips and trips. Here are six more reasons why businesses should be concerned:

  1. More than 20,000 RIDDOR reported slips, trips and falls were reported in 2018/19
  2. 95% of major slips cause broken bones
  3. Over half all workplace incidents involving members of the public are slips
  4. The average cost of a slip damages claim is £5,000 to £10,000
  5. Slips cost employers £0.5bn per year
  6. Fines for negligently allowing a slip to occur can be up to £10m

We will measurably reduce your risk

SafeGroup’s floor protection system is designed to safeguard your staff and customers and your organisation against the risks of slips and trips.

We start by carrying out slip testing at key locations across your premises using the same pendulum slip-test equipment used by the HSE during slips and trips investigations. We can also measure the slip risks for stairs on your premises.

Using this data, our anti-slip experts can quantify the slip and trip risk you face and best actions to take to reduce those risks. This may involve putting in extra safety measures, such as hand rails.

Unsafe floors are the biggest cause of serious injury in the workplace. Our anti-slip coating service will greatly reduce the risk of slips and trips that trigger legal and regulatory action – safeguarding your finances and reputation

Anti-slip floor treatment

If it is appropriate, SafeGroup can also apply the Bonasystems Grip anti-slip floor treatment to reduce slip hazards. This is a specialist chemical product that can be applied to a range of floor types, including tiles, stone and vinyl-based floor products.

Bonasystem Grip – key features

  • The coating is quick to apply and easy to keep clean
  • It will have no effect on the appearance or texture of your floor
  • The anti-slip coating protects floors from potentially damaging substances, reducing maintenance costs
  • It is designed to remain effective for up to five years

Anti-slip floor treatment – key benefits

  • Significantly reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls
  • Added assurance of safety for staff, customers, and the public, enhancing brand reputation
  • Demonstrates due diligence in reducing risk of slips and trips
  • Reduces risk and associated cost of personal injury litigation

Professional floor sealing

SafeGroup is also the approved contract applicator for Bonasystems Seal, which protects natural and porous flooring materials such as stone, ceramic and porcelain from staining, soiling and water or salt ingress.

Bonasystems Seal can be applied during off-peak times, with minimal impact on customers. The product is applied after our specialist deep floor cleaning and rapid drying and curing process.

The product is ideal for anti-slip floor treatment. The hard-wearing sealant impregnates the surface, returning it to its original appearance, and then reducing maintenance costs for up to five years.

Ask us about anti-slip floor treatment

We also offer Pendulum Slip Testing, Stair Safety Assessments & Slip Risk Assessments. 

If you want to protect your floors and reduce maintenance costs, while reducing the cost of managing slips and trips, including litigation, talk to us today. Call 0800 668 1268.

Our professional anti-slip coating can be applied to a wide range of floor types, including ceramic tiles, stone, and vinyl-based floor products

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