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Oil and Diesel Spills Clean Up

Oil and diesel spills need to be cleaned up fast to prevent damage to surfaces and pollution of water courses. SafeGroup provides a fast and effective oil and diesel spill removal service that quickly contains and eliminates the hazards these spills can cause.

When diesel or oil spills occur, a fast response is needed.
SafeGroup can be trusted to provide that fast response, often within two hours of receiving an emergency call, with trained and experienced operatives who can contain and clean up such spillages.

Oil and diesel spills are a major hazard for important reasons:

  • They are serious fire hazards, especially if spillages are large
  • Oil and diesel fuel are toxic to humans and animals
  • They can cause serious damage to surfaces they come into contact with, including asphalt
  • Both oil and diesel fuel create skid risks for vehicles, making road accidents more likely, and slip risks for people
  • They are pollutants that can cause serious environmental damage to waterways, soils, plants and wildlife.

Who SafeGroup works for

We provide oil and diesel clean-up services for a wide range of customers, including manufacturers, public transport providers, housing associations, haulage and logistics firms, car park operators, local authorities and retailers. We have worked for some of the nation’s most recognisable names including The NHS.

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Oil and spill cleaning – call the experts

Risks associated with oil and diesel spillages are so significant and the potential penalties so costly that only experts with the right equipment and knowhow should tackle them.

Failure to respond in the appropriate manner makes organisations potentially liable for serious penalties. For example, failing to prevent a pollution incident can result in a prosecution by the Environment Agency which could result in very large fines, even imprisonment.

If someone slips and injures themselves because of an oil spill, health and safety prosecutions may follow, along with civil claims for damages.

Calling SafeGroup is the first step to ensuring these risks are avoided with oil and diesel spills cleaned up, and hazards eliminated, in a way that is compliant with all current legislation.

As well as cleaning the area affected, we will take all oil and diesel products and, if necessary, any contaminated materials, to a regulated hazardous waste site for safe and legal disposal.

If necessary, we can also carry out odour neutralisation so your business can get back up and running quickly and smoothly.

Oil and Diesel Spills Clean Up

At SafeGroup we have highly trained staff who specialise in Oil and Diesel Spills Clean Up. We currently offer this service across the United Kingdom.

How quickly can you respond to a oil spill?

We operate 24/7 in emergency cases it is possible we can attend the same day you contact us. We also work around business and commercial hours to ensure minimal disruption is caused from any oil spill.

Can the oil spill be harmful for the environment?

SafeGroup do everything possible to ensure any harm to the environmental caused by the oil spill is kept at a minimal.

What experience do SafeGroup have dealing with oil spills?

SafeGroup is one of the UK’s leading oil spill clean up companies. We have over 10 years experience cleaning oil & diesel spills.

Find out more about diesel fuel and oil spill cleaning from SafeGroup. Call 0800 668 1268.

Risks associated with oil and diesel spillages are so significant and the potential penalties so costly that only experts with the right equipment and knowhow should tackle them.

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