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Rodent Proofing

SafeGroup is a national leader in protecting commercial and domestic premises against rodents through highly effective rat proofing and mouse proofing. We have a proven track record in getting rid of mice and rats from all types of premises, including restaurants, shops, offices and warehouses.

Our rat and mouse proofing technicians make use of unique techniques, proved by many years of testing and research to be the most effective way to get rid of mice and rats permanently.

We protect your living, working and service spaced from the inside out, by stopping the rodents from getting in and using your premises as safe places to hide and thrive.

SafeGroup’s knowledge of mice behaviour, and our use of specialist mouse proofing materials, greatly increases the efficacy of our services, giving our commercial and domestic customers peace of mind.

Who we work with

SafeGroup provides rat and mice proofing services for a wide range of commercial customers, including restaurant chains, housing associations, private housing landlords, property managers, estate agents and retailers.

Our trained technicians attend your premises discreetly, out of hours, to minimise disruption and ensure all rodent proofing work is carried out quickly and confidentially. As soon as our rodent proofing systems are in place, you can be confident the mice and rat problem you had has been resolved.

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Mouse proofing – a proven 6 stage process

We fully understand the nature and scale of your mouse control problems by listening and understanding the vital clues that make sure we put in place the right mice proofing solution.

We take full account of the structure and condition of your  property and the surround environment to assess the level of level of mouse infestation risk you face and how to prevent the rodents colonising your property.

SafeGroup considers the behaviour and needs of the mice themselves. Not to be kind, but to understand what we need to do to counter their presence in your particular property. Our aim is to make your premises no longer fit for being a natural mouse habitat.

We then implement a consistent and concerted mouse proofing plan, blocking all ways into, through and around your property. So mice have no way of living in and moving around in your premises to find food and mates to multiply.

We use bespoke techniques and mouse proofing equipment other pest controllers do not have. This enables us to complete our mouse proofing tasks quickly and thoroughly with least disruption to both the buildings we work in and the customers we serve.

We use specialist materials in unique and highly specific ways to mouse proof every nook and cranny in your property, most of which you do not even know exist! That way we are better able to stop mice in their tracks.

A natural, safe solution
Our mouse proofing service protects your property without having to resort to using poisons or traps. This provides you with a much more sustainable, eco-friendly, and humane mouse control service which our clients, staff, and customers greatly value.

Rat control and proofing
Rat pest control can be every bit as challenging as mouse proofing. Because rats inhabit different external and internal environments, getting rid of them requires the deployment of a wider range of techniques.

We take decisive steps to eradicate rats and protect properties, through rat proofing, so they cannot return.

  1. We carry out a root cause analysis of rat control problems based on a thorough survey of your premises and associated assets, for example, the drainage system.
  2. We then deploy proven and industry-leading methods to stop rats in their tracks and remove them.

Rat building and drain surveys

Rats can gain access to your property through defective drainage systems or where there is other structural damage, for example to walls, windows and doorways.

Our rat proofing technicians will identify these weak spots with a thorough rodent control building and drain survey.  They use sophisticated remote-access CCTV survey cameras to record HD video of a property’s drains and to inspect hard-to-reach voids in a building’s structure.

Rat exclusion measures

Once these entry points are identified, we will then draw up a thorough and costed plan to protect your premises, staff and customers.

Rat proofing measures may include:

  • Installing rat valves in drains to allow rats to leave but not return
  • Installing rat barriers in drain pipes
  • Filling voids with tough rat-resistant proofing materials
  • Installing specialist rat seals on doors
  • Removing nesting sites in areas around properties

Rat proofing – why it is important

Rat infestations in residential property and commercial premises causes significant risks and costs.

  • Rats can cause fires and floods by chewing through electric cables and plastic water pipes
  • They can spread diseases, including Weil’s disease, also known as Leptospirosis, salmonella, Hantavirus, and rat bite fever
  • Fear of rats can cause anxiety, which may cause valued staff to leave
  • The presence of rats causes reputational damage that can threaten the viability of restaurants and food businesses
  • If not controlled, rat infestations could result in regulatory action, leading to prosecutions and significant fines.

Find out more about rodent proofing

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