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WEEE Electrical Waste Collection

SafeGroup is experienced in the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, known commonly as WEEE. We can advise customers about which items are covered by WEEE regulations and then dispose of them safely to ensure regulatory compliance, protect the environment, and to maximise waste reuse and recycling.

Electrical waste collection

WEEE can contain significant amounts of metals that are both harmful to the environment and can be recycled to make best use of resources. These include lead, cadmium, and mercury. WEEE is also often associated with plastic waste.

Also, metals used in batteries, including lithium and cobalt, can be mistakenly mixed up in WEEE, increasing the cost of disposal and the risk of waste fires. A report in January 2021 calculated that lithium battery fires in WEEE cost the UK economy £150m a year.

SafeGroup will ensure you manage WEEE correctly in accordance with the WEEE directive which aims to divert electrical and electronic waste from landfill, where the metals can cause pollution, and incineration.

Who we work for

SafeGroup provides a WEEE collection service for a wide range of companies and across many sectors. They include retailers, manufacturers, public sector organisations, such as schools, colleges and health facilities, and IT installation specialists. We also provide a planned and reactive WEEE collection service for other waste management companies and waste brokers.

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A secure WEEE collection service

SafeGroup’s WEEE collection service is both safe and secure. We will dispose of your WEEE in accordance with your specific needs, including ensuring the destruction of equipment to safeguard your security and protect your company brand.

WEEE is a hugely diverse waste category, covering many different products and materials. Some WEEE is hazardous and some is not. Both issues can make it tricky to maintain compliance.

WEEE that has been fly-tipped can present particular risk, in terms of injury hazards on broken materials, leaking of hazardous materials, for example from fridges, and sorting of jumbled waste types.

SafeGroup’s teams are experienced at handling these multiple risks on behalf of clients so fly-tipped WEEE is always cleared safely and legally, with all documentation provided.

WEEE we collect includes:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Light fixtures
  • Computers and monitors
  • Computer peripherals
  • Printers
  • Switchgear
  • Air conditioning units
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Shop tills
  • Microwave ovens
  • TVs and video screens
  • Electrical wiring

WEEE waste collection – the SafeGroup advantage

We promise an agile and highly responsive electrical and electronic waste collection service that precisely matches the needs of our clients.

We operate a modern waste vehicle fleet, so your WEEE will be collected in the most appropriate vehicle with the lowest carbon footprint.

WEEE cannot be placed in skips, so our van waste collection service is ideal for ensuring electrical waste is collected and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

With SafeGroup you also get:

  • A cost-effective WEEE collection and disposal service
  • National cover – we have depots across the UK
  • Full documentation so you can always be sure you are compliant
  • Experienced, qualified and friendly waste operatives
  • Fast response to emergency WEEE collection needs
  • Expert advice on WEEE storage and classification

Q. When can you attend?

A. SafeGroup provides a reactive emergency response service and aims to respond and be on site within a 12-24 hour period.

Q. What accreditations does SafeGroup hold?

A. SafeGroup is a member of several external independent trade organisations which regularly audit the company. Our accreditation certificates and membership organisations can be found on this page

Q. Does SafeGroup own its own waste disposal sites?

A. SafeGroup does not own its own waste disposal sites. SafeGroup is a waste logistics company and have a good working relationship with many disposal sites across the UK.

This enables SafeGroup to locate the most appropriate disposal site for the waste being collected. We focus on working with disposal sites that can recycle or reuse the waste where possible.

WEEE Electrical Waste Collection

At SafeGroup we have a highly trained team who specialise in WEEE Electrical Waste Collection. We offer this service across the United Kingdom.

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