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Wait and load waste collection

The SafeGroup wait and load waste removal service provides an easy to access, cost-effective and reliable way to have your waste collected from even the most challenging locations.

We use the latest compact waste vans to access restricted areas in any town or city centre. Providing ideal support for a wide range of clients, including shopfitters and office refurbishment specialists.

Managing waste in urban areas is becoming more of a challenge. Local councils are introducing more weight and access restrictions on roads, limiting the ability for HGVs to reach collection points.

At the same time, local councils and landlords often do not allow waste skips to be dropped because of concerns about disruption to traffic and pedestrian areas.

The answer is to make a call to SafeGroup and use our wait and load waste removal service. It is designed specifically to deal with waste in the most challenging city centre locations.

Our fleet of modern and bespoke waste vehicles, operated by experienced waste technicians, will collect your waste within designated time windows.

We will then make sure it is disposed of at an authorised site in line with the waste hierarchy to meet your sustainability and community social responsibility (CSR) requirements.

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Wait and load – who we work for

We work with a wide range of clients who need the just in time waste collection support we can provide with our wait and load waste collection service. They include:

  • Shopfitters – who have no space to store the waste they generate at the front of or behind retail premises and find it challenging to site a skip or obtain a permit to do so
  • Office refurbishment contractors – especially if they are contractually obliged to remove waste from site
  • Damage restoration and repair contractors working on remediation projects for insurance companies and loss adjustors
  • Food retailers, pubs and restaurants – who must remove food, bottles or packaging quickly and discreetly from city centre locations

Wait and load waste collection services

At SafeGroup we have a team of highly skilled staff who specialise in Wait and load waste collection. We offer this service across the United Kingdom. Contact us to find out more and receive a free quote.

SafeGroup's wait and load waste removal service is designed specifically to help our customers to manage their waste safely and sustainably in the most challenging city centre locations

SafeGroup Wait and Load – 10 clear benefits

No Space for a Skip

1: No space for skip

If you do not have space for a skip, or if access is too restricted to deliver one, call SafeGroup. Our more compact and manoeuvrable vehicles will collect your waste from anywhere and save you having to employ resource to move it outside your premises

Too much or too little

2: Too much or too little

If you need to dispose of a limited volume of waste, or if you are unsure of which skip size to order , you risk paying for empty space not waste collection. Our wait and load service tailors waste collection to your needs.

No nuisance for the neighbours

3: No nuisance for the neighbours

Skips are a big cause of neighbours disputes. On a busy commercial street, or in shared access areas, this can be a big problem. Wait and load waste collection sweeps away this problem.

Multiple sites

4: Multiple sites

A skip cannot be in more than one place at once. But with and load waste removal, we can manage collections at different points on one site or multiple addresses, as flexibly as is required.

Waste collection when you need it

5: Waste collection when you need it

Many professionals, such as shop fitters and refurbishment specialists, are not allowed the luxury of having a skip waiting to be filled and collecting rain. They need waste to be taken off the premises promptly.

All waste types taken

6: All waste types taken

The list of items that cannot be put in a skip is often lengthy and confusing. Electrical and hazardous waste are two examples. SafeGroup wait and load caters for all waste streams without exception.

No fly tipping and skip borrowing

7: No fly tipping and skip borrowing

Fly tippers love to dump waste in skips as do the neighbours. SafeGroup wait and load waste collection works for one customer, you. Not the whole community.

Maintaining brand promise

8: Maintaining brand promise

Good businesses take pride in doing the right thing and the impression they give. Skips do nothing to impress customers with how a business looks. Use SafeGroup wait and load and feel the love.

Quick to access – no restrictions

9: Quick to access – no restrictions

We will remove your waste quickly and safely with no additional costs, such as council skip licence fees. Make one call, a collection date and time is agreed, payment is made, and the job is done.

Be in control

10: Be in control

A wait and load waste collection service gives a business or householder more certainty, control, and flexibility over how their waste is managed, without exposing them to additional risks skips can create.

Find out more about SafeGroup’s wait and load waste collection service. Talk to our friendly expert waste team today: 0800 6687 1268

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