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Recyclable Waste Collection

Sorting your waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials is one thing, removing and disposing of it correctly is another. And probably most importantly, you want to know that after you have sorted your waste, it really is recycled and not just collected in a large dustcart, mixed with general waste and sent for landfill!

At the SafeGroup, we are committed to providing a recycling waste collection service that is professional, quick and deals with recycling in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, processing waste to turn it into energy, or for it to be recycled into other products.

The journey of your recycling waste is recorded from collection to disposal point giving you the peace of mind that your waste is being handled correctly and that you are doing everything to help preserve the local environment.

We are happy to collect the following recycling on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on a one-off basis:

Recyclable Waste Collection

Whether you need your recycling waste removed as a matter of urgency or planned collection, the SafeGroup has the licences, vehicles and the passion to bring you our waste collection and disposal service at very competitive prices.

Q. When can you attend recyclable waste collection?

A. SafeGroup provides a reactive emergency response service and aims to respond and be on site within a 12-24 hour period.

Q. What accreditations does SafeGroup hold?

A. SafeGroup is a member of several external independent trade organisations which regularly audit the company. Our accreditation certificates and membership organisations can be found on this page

Q. Does SafeGroup own its own waste disposal sites?

A. SafeGroup does not own its own waste disposal sites. SafeGroup is a waste logistics company and have a good working relationship with many disposal sites across the UK.

This enables SafeGroup to locate the most appropriate disposal site for the waste being collected. We focus on working with disposal sites that can recycle or reuse the waste where possible.

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