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Periodic specialist cleaning

SafeGroup delivers a comprehensive range of periodic specialist cleaning services designed to assist customers in maintaining the high standards of hygiene and visual amenity they require. Our periodic services support in-house cleaning teams, augmenting their regular daily rotas with specialist cleaning at an optimum frequency.

Periodic cleaning is a sustainable and cost-effective way to ensure hygiene and cleanliness standards are maintained over longer periods.

It allows businesses and FM partners who support them to call in specialist cleaning services precisely when they need them, without having to develop and maintain those services themselves.

SafeGroup provides a wide range of periodic cleaning services relied on and trusted by customers. We have the trained and experienced operatives and specialist equipment for completing key periodic cleaning tasks at any interval, whether monthly, quarterly or less frequently.

Who we work for

Our periodic cleaning teams mobilise for many types of businesses across different sectors, including: hotels, restaurants, food retailers, food manufacturers, schools, colleges and universities, transport providers, and local authorities. We also work for FM specialists, ensuring they can provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of services.

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SafeGroup periodic cleaning – the benefits

Our specialist cleaning teams are trained and qualified to deliver the periodic cleaning services we provide. We have many years’ of experience as Specialist Cleaning service experts.

Here are 8 reasons you can trust periodic cleaning from SafeGroup:

  1. Our work teams are well supervised by experienced and expert managers who make sure services are delivered smoothly and professionally.
  2. We are a truly national service, with four depots covering the whole of the UK, and operatives based in all regions.
  3. We use the latest work control software that provides customers with up to the minute information about their projects and photographic evidence of work completed.
  4. All our services are controlled by a specific risk assessment and method statement for the work involved.
  5. Safety is a major priority – we have an in-house health, safety and quality team that sets high standards and monitors our work to encourage continuous improvement.
  6. We use the latest professional cleaning chemicals, equipment and techniques so our periodic cleaning is highly productive.
  7. SafeGroup always seeks to carry out its work in a sustainable way, with the lowest possible carbon footprint, eliminating risks to wildlife.
  8. SafeGroup holds multiple accreditations and is audited by awarding bodies to ensure standards are maintained.

Co-ordinated service delivery

SafeGroup is also a licensed waste carrier and has many years of experience carrying out planned and reactive specialist waste collection, including peak time waste collection.

We deliver combined cleaning and waste services together using special hybrid vehicles, designed to carry cleaning equipment along with a box container for collecting waste.

We provide comprehensive virus and bacteria decontamination, including COVID-19 decontamination, using electrostatic spraying.

SafeGroup also delivers long-term micro-organism protection through its  Touchpoint Shield antiviral and antibacterial surface coating service.

Touchpoint Shield allows our customers to protect surfaces against the transmission of potentially harmful microorganisms, including SARS-CoV-2 for up to three years.

In this way, we can deliver a co-ordinated and complementary suite of essential services more smoothly and cost-effectively than if provided by individual suppliers.

Find out more about periodic cleaning from SafeGroup

Call SafeGroup today to talk to us about our periodic specialist cleaning service. We would be happy to explain how we can also add value across our service portfolio. Call 0800 668 1268.

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