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Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum may be tasty choice for many and can be beneficial for mouth hygiene but it can cause havoc with floors. SafeGroup provides a fast, cost-effective and safe way to remove chewing gums from pavements.

Our specialist cleaning operatives use the latest steam jetting systems to remove unsightly chewing gum from public walkways, leaving our clients’ facilities looking sparkling clean once more.

Chewing gum stuck to pavements and other floors in public spaces is one of the biggest cleaning challenges there are.

It can quickly mix with  cigarette ash and other daily grime, including spilt sugary drinks, to set rock hard, making it almost impossible to shift using conventional cleaning techniques. No wonder some theme parks and other venues have banned its sale on their premises.

SafeGroup has the answer to this sticky problem. Our trained and qualified specialist cleaning teams use the latest powerful cleaning systems to remove chewing gum fast, along with all other grime and stains, leaving floors looking as good as new.

What is even better, our primary chewing gum cleaning method does not use any potentially harmful chemicals and solvents, so there is no risk of damage to floors or danger to your staff and customers.

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How we remove chewing gum

Conventional cleaning teams struggle to keep up with the amount of chewing gum that gets discarded on floors in places like railway stations, airports, shopping centres and other public buildings.

Our solution is to use high pressure water jetting that blasts the chewing gum off the pavement, along with grime and stains, often leaving it looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

If necessary, we can use a combined steam and jet wash system that both melts the chewing gum and removes it from floors with a jet of water heated to 1500 C and delivered at 1,250 lbs/sq in.

Safe and fast chewing gum cleaning

Our extreme cleaning operatives are trained and experienced in delivering this service. We will first prepare a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) to ensure the process is appropriate for the floor and safe for your staff, customers and wider public.

If necessary, we can carry out chewing gum removal safely in live environments by putting up barriers and completing a section of pavement at a time. We can also complete the task when your facilities are closed, for example at night.

Who we work for

We deliver our chewing gum removal service for many types of clients, most operating public-facing services. These include transport providers, shopping centre owners and managers, local authorities, leisure and sports centres, sports stadia, tourist attractions and theme parks.

SafeGroup can deliver the service as an emergency response, perhaps to prepare for an important event, or as part of a planned and preventative maintenance service to support in-house hygiene.

Our operatives clean gum off pavements and floors across the UK, operating from our depots in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Dorchester and Livingstone, Scotland.

Chewing gum cleaning case study

We helped London Gatwick Airport wiped the floor with one of its biggest facilities management problems by using our ‘melt and blast’ technology to clean hundreds of thousands of pieces of chewing gum from terminal walkways.

The UK’s second busiest airport wanted to bring its external public areas leading to terminal buildings up to the same World Class standard as those inside.

We successfully achieved this by removing hundreds of thousands of blobs of chewing gum. At the airport’s North Terminal we removed an estimated 120,000 pieces of chewing gum from one 30,000 sq ft area.

Client comment

“SafeGroup has filled a niche and specialist function for us, to get our base cleaning standards to a higher and improved level. Its team did a fantastic job of giving our external walkways a cleaning facelift. Now SafeGroup has established a good benchmark for external flooring, it helps our core cleaning provider to maintain that high standard.”

Nick Henderson | London Gatwick Airport Facilities Manager

Talk to us about chewing gum removal

Call SafeGroup today and we will quickly mobilise a specialist cleaning team to remove chewing gum from the pavements and floors at your premises. Call: 0800 668 1268.

SafeGroup’s teams did a fantastic job of giving our external walkways a cleaning facelift. It helps our core cleaning maintain that high standard.

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