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Sewage Cleaning

Sewage spills and flooding can cause serious health and environmental risks so should be tackled by professionals who know what they are doing. SafeGroup is an emergency cleaning company with many years of experience dealing with sewage spills, helping clients recover from what can be a traumatic experience.

Fast response to sewage problems

Sewage spills are hazardous to health, cause serious damage to buildings and belongings and almost always cause very bad smells. That is why responding quickly to sewage flooding is essential.

SafeGroup will mobilise a sewage clean-up team quickly to help property owners respond correctly to the initial emergency, then put in place measures to help customers recover as quickly as possible.

Whether a sewage spill is confined to a small area or involves thousands of gallons of toxic liquid, it pays to call in experts to deal with the problem effectively and safely.

Who we work with

SafeGroup provides sewage clean-up services for a wide range of customers, including insurance companies, private and social residential landlords, retailers, leisure and sports centres, manufacturers and water utility companies. We have worked with some of the nation’s most recognisable organisations, such as the NHS.

Our sewage flood clean-up teams can mobilised anywhere in the UK, via our four regional depots, in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Dorcester and Livingstone, in Scotland. All our teams are trained and resourced to work safely in bio-hazard environments.

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Sewage clean-up – 10 expert ways we respond

  1. Our first aim is to get to a customer experiencing a sewage spill or flood as quickly as possible to minimise damage and potential environmental pollution.
  2. When we arrive, we evaluate the cause of the problem and put in place measures to stop the sewage flooding if it is still happening. This may involve working closely with a water utility company.
  3. All our teams wear bio-hazard protective body suits, and respirates if necessary, protect them from pathogens. They work to an agreed risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) in accordance with our safe systems work.
  4. Working with other agencies, we will act on your behalf to minimise the risk of the sewage spill causing a pollution incident.
  5. If necessary, we will deploy specialist equipment, such as a jet vac tanker, to remove sewage from inside a property.
  6. We work with clients to salvage goods, furnishings and other belongings.
  7. If contaminated items need to be disposed of, our emergency waste personnel will take them to an authorised site for safe disposal.
  8. We will then put in place a structured process of deep cleaning, disinfection, drying, fumigation (to prevent fly pests), and careful drying of premises to restore them to their previous condition.
  9. In some cases contaminated building fabric, such as plaster, floor boards and windows may need to be replaced. Advised by you and your insurers, we will strip out these assets and work with the appointed building contractor to restore your premises.
  10. If necessary, at each step of our work, we can use professional deodorising products and techniques – such as thermal fogging – to permanently neutralise bad odours caused by the sewage spill.

At all stages of the process, our sewage flooding damage restoration experts will work with other professionals appointed to restore your property, always with your best interests at the forefront of decisions made.


Sewage clean-up – mini case study

Health and fitness centre sewage flood

SafeGroup sewage cleaning teams cleared an estimated 50 tonnes of raw sewage that had built up over several months under a swimming pool at a large health and fitness club.

In a three-week operation, working at night, they removed the human waste from a chamber under the pool without the club having to close, and without its members knowing there had even been a problem.

Our operatives fumigated, deep cleaned and deodorised the chamber and capped a sewage pipe that was found to be the source of the problem so the sewage spill could not happen again.

SafeGroup Chief Executive Officer Steve Broughton said: “Four chambers under the pool, covering 100 square metres, were filled with sewage up to 0.75 metres deep. It was a major commercial and reputation risk that we resolved for our client professionally, safely and discreetly.”

Sewage spills – how they happen

Sewage spills and floods can occur for different reasons. A common one is a blockage in a pipe that causes raw sewage to back up and flood out of drains onto the ground or from toilets into a house, flat or business premises.

Sewage spills can also be caused by liquid leaking from damaged or defective pipes, or from defective wastewater facilities like septic tanks or small sewage treatment plants.

An increasingly common problem is sewage flooding triggered by heavy  rain, which causes sewers to become too full (surcharge), forcing sewage up through manholes or into homes and businesses through toilets.

Sewage Damage Cleaning Services

At SafeGroup we offer a nationwide sewage damage cleaning service. We have a team of specialist staff who are highly trained in sewage damage restoration for both commercial and residential properties.

Sewage spill cleaning – call in the experts

If you experience a sewage spill or flood, call SafeGroup straight away. We can also advise you how to reduce the risk of sewage flooding and how to incorporate our services into your emergency planning system. Call us today on 0800 668 1268

At all stages, our sewage flooding restoration experts work with other professionals appointed to restore your property, always with your best interests at the forefront of decisions made.

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