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What to expect from high-level gutter cleaning



Michelle Ringland

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High-level gutter cleaning

High-level gutter cleaning refers to the professional cleaning and maintenance of guttering. Gutters are a part of an intricate system and should be treated with care, regularly maintenance allows them to work efficiently. At Safegroup we have experience maintaining and cleaning a wide range of commercial gutters, including distribution facilities, factories, shopping centres and hospitals.


High-level gutter cleaning


Blocked gutters -Regular cleaning can reduce the risk of blocked gutters causing leaks which can cause dampness and risk the structural integrity of your building.

Maintenance checks – Allows for any damage to be repaired before it causes any major damage.

Sanitation – Gutters can often become clogged with moss, decaying leaves, insects, bird droppings or even dead animals. 

Thorough cleaning- a professional service is able to clean your gutters inside and out, ensuring that they are a functional and aesthetically pleasing part of your building, adding to the professional atmosphere for customers visiting your premises. 

Protect your roof- clogged gutters give rainwater nowhere to run. When water continues to flood over, it can cause rotten water to leak through your roof.


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Health and safety considerations

Working at heights

There can be many dangers associated with working at heights as it can be one of the biggest causes of accidents for commercial properties. For this reason, we try to carry out as much work as possible at ground level, this limits the amount of time we spend at high levels and therefore reduces the risk to ourselves as well as those working in and around the property. 

Our highly trained team are equipped with appropriate equipment such as power poles and high-pressure hoses to flush out loose debris and any blockages that have accumulated. We then take a closer look using ladders, liveried vans, harnesses and gutter inspection tools.


Weather risks

We all know the English weather can be unpredictable and therefore can be a risk to health and safety. During the winter and autumn months, the weather is usually wetter than in the summer months, making the working conditions a lot more difficult. It is because of this that carry out an assessment beforehand to ensure that our staff are safe at all times. We also ensure that our team are properly equipped for the weather. 


Potential Gutter damage

There are many reasons why your gutter may become damaged; neglecting them for long periods of time, extreme weather conditions which may cause cracks resulting in leaks and rust. Damaged gutters can lead to more severe damage which may affect the structural integrity of a property. 

At Safegroup our team are fully trained in identifying damaged guttering and can provide the necessary repairs upon request. We ensure that our teams are provided with the equipment to carry out inspections in order to complete the task efficiently. 


Hazardous substances

To the untrained eye, gutters may seem completely harmless, however, if they have been neglected for a period of time they could potentially be harbouring hazardous stagnant water. This water could be infested with rotten foliage and mould which can be very dangerous if ingested. Our team are able to safely and professionally remove these substances. Our employees undergo extensive training to manage these circumstances and ensure that the substances do not spread or cause any further issues. 


At Safegroup all of our employees are fully trained and hold the relevant qualifications, assuring you the best most efficient service. There are many hazards associated with gutter cleaning our staff have been trained and gained certificates in health and safety. For additional protection, a member of our health and safety team will carry out a risk assessment and ensure that we are always up to health and safety legislation.

health & safety


Why choose SafeGroup

Our professional staff are certified by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), meaning that we’re able to safely and efficiently access the high-up areas of your premises. We adhere to all health and safety requirements, so you don’t need to access those dangerous high-up gutters yourself.

 At SafeGroup we have specially trained staff who conduct our Commercial Gutter Cleaning services. We currently offer this service across the United Kingdom. 

At SafeGroup we have a team of highly trained staff who specialise in high-level access cleaning. To find out more about Commercial Gutter Cleaning request a consultation via our website.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. Call SafeGroup  0800 668 1268.

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