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What to expect from a fire damage cleaning service



Michelle Ringland

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Whether it is a house fire or a commercial building, fire damage can be devastating and can have a huge impact on your property and your life. In addition to the visual and physical damage, soot damage and smoke damage to the ceiling, walls and furniture, fire damage can also have secondary effects that can lead to health problems.


In the event of a fire, it is vital that action is taken immediately, the sooner you call in the professionals the less serious the damage to your building becomes. A professional fire damage cleaning service is a stress-free way to deal with the devastating effects. Fast reliable and efficient a team is able to come in and completely eliminate any traces of soot or smoke while neutralizing any lingering odours. 

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Fire damage on your property

The longer you leave a fire damaged property the worse the damages will be. Soot and smoke will continue to wreak havoc for a while after the incident. Ash residue corrodes surfaces over time and if not professionally cleaned your possessions, walls, furniture etc may be left permanently discoloured. Clothes and upholstered furniture will be unsalvageable and any wood finishes, paint etc will need to be redone. 

Fire damage to your health

Staying in a property that has had a fire whether you can visibly see smoke damage or not can be a serious risk to your health. Smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and soot these chemicals linger in the air and prolonged exposure to these smoke particles can cause respiratory distress as well as skin irritation. 

As well as the health risks of staying in a fire-damaged property you are also at risk of structural dangers. When structural steel is exposed to flames it will lose its strength and stiffness, this causes excessive or permanent deformation which can lead to a structural collapse. By continuing to use a fire-damaged building you are putting yourself at serious risk. 

What to expect when you call in the professionals

Our professional fire restoration specialists have assisted countless clients in getting back their business trading again or moving back into their homes following fire damage. We can clean a void property as a one-off project or as part of a contracted service, so you always have access to a fast and efficient empty property cleaning specialist.


Step 1 – Initial content 

Call a professional cleaning service and give an overview of your circumstances and what services you are wanting. 

Step 2 – Consultation  

A technician will access your property and conduct a risk assessment. This involves making suggestions as to the types of services you require as well as answering any concerns you may have. You will then receive a quote for the fire damage cleaning service. 

Step 3 – Cleaning service  

Our team of professional cleaning technicians will arrive at the property ready to begin service. Adhering to all health and safety measures they will ensure that all trace of soot, ash and waste is removed and any odour is neutralised at the property. Maintaining a safe work environment for all parties for the duration of our time on site. 

Once our work is completed our team will review and document the completed work making sure you are pleased with the work. 

Step 4 – Aftercare  

At SafeGroup we pride ourselves on our happiness guarantee. That’s why we go the extra mile for all of our customers. Our customer service team will lease with every client to make sure that the service is up to our high standards and all expectations have been met. 


Why choose SafeGroup

At SafeGroup we understand the devastating impact of fire and can provide professional advice. Having worked with clients such as The NHS. Contact us today and talk to a member of our team to request a consultation via our website.

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