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Flood Recovery in South Yorkshire


In November 2019, South Yorkshire was hit by extreme weather. In some areas more rain fell in 24 hours than the average rainfall for a whole month for that time of year. The extreme weather event came on top of prolonged periods of rain over previous weeks. This meant ground was already saturated and rivers were full. The River Don and other rivers burst their banks, flooding multiple communities across large areas.

The Problem

Companies with premises that had flooded included Ladbrokes Coral. Early in the crisis, two of its betting shops, one in Rotherham and one in Worksop, were flooded with up to six inches of dirty water and had to close.

Fortunately for Ladbrokes Coral, it could immediately call on the services of SafeGroup, the emergency specialist cleaning, decontamination and waste services provider.

We provide reactive extreme cleaning services for Ladbrokes Coral, responding rapidly to a wide range of emergency cleaning jobs, including sewage spills, graffiti and criminal damage – and flooding.

This gave Ladbrokes Coral a single number to call to get professional emergency recovery and cleaning support when needed.

The Solution

Our long-term relationship with Ladbrokes Coral meant we had systems in place to make it easier for us to mobilise emergency flood recovery teams to deploy to Rotherham and Worksop with the specialist equipment they needed to clear flood water, then clean and dry premises as quickly and safely as possible.

Flood recovery response – Rotherham

We received the first call from Ladbrokes Coral late on a Friday about its flooded premises in Rotherham. By Saturday morning, we had a four-person emergency flood recovery team in place, working on the site.
Flood water had risen six inches up the wall but had been receding in the hours before the SafeGroup team arrived. There were still pools of dirty water in the 200m2 premises and the entire carpeted floor was soaked through.

The SafeGroup team used a wet vac machines to remove water. Mops and cloths were also used to clear water. All surfaces were wiped down, with a specialist professional sanitiser used to kill bacteria, stop mould growth and prevent odours.

Electric power from a neighbouring property was used while an electrician checked the electrical systems in the betting shop. Once this initial drying process was completed, three dehumidifiers and six air movers were installed and left to operate for the rest of the day and overnight. The flood recovery cleaning took six hours to complete. By morning, the premises were ready to open to the public once again, little more than 36 hours after they were forced to close by the flood water.

Flood recovery response – Worksop

While the SafeGroup team was working at Rotherham, Ladbrokes Coral alerted SafeGroup to a similar flood 16 miles away in Worksop. Its betting shop there had been forced to close by flood water. SafeGroup immediately mobilised a second team of flood cleaning operatives to that location.

There, they found a similar situation, with flood water receding after the betting shop had been inundated with water.

The flood recovery team followed a similar process, to colleagues in Rotherham, quickly using specialist equipment to remove flood water, meticulously clean all surfaces with a specialist sanitiser and install three dehumidifiers and six air movers. The whole emergency flood cleaning response lasted eight hours and was completed by late evening.

As with the Rotherham premises, this allowed Ladbrokes to
plan to reopen the betting shop the following day, Sunday.

The Outcome

Both premises were cleaned and dried over the weekend within
a matter of hours of the SafeGroup team getting a call for help.
Our rapid response to Ladbrokes Coral’s flood problems had
key beneficial consequences for the betting company.

  • The flood recovery process was completed as rapidly as
    possible so both betting shops could reopen in the shortest
    possible time, reducing inconvenience to the company’s
    customers and lost earnings.
  • Fast response to flooding reduced the risk of long-term
    damage to the premises, reducing longer term flood
    recovery costs.
  • Mobilising flood recovery specialists early reduced anxiety
    of Ladbrokes Coral staff and allowed our specialists to work
    with the company’s FM professionals so flood recovery
    decision-making was optimised.
  • Ladbrokes Coral could demonstrate to its insurers that it was
    taking the best course of action for dealing with flooding
    incidents, helping to control insurance costs.

When two high contributing shops recently found themselves under water due to the recent floods, The SafeGroup attended over the weekend and worked miracles to leave the shops looking fantastic. The feedback from both shops has been superb, I can’t recommend SafeGroup highly enough.

Brian Campbell Senior Maintenance Manager, Ladbrokes Coral Group

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