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COVID-19 offensive waste collection


Prenetics is a global leader in digital health and genetic testing and is providing COVID-19 testing services to clients across the UK. It needs to be able to rely on a fast, efficient, and safe offensive waste collection service, which it has commissioned SafeGroup to deliver.

The Challenge

Prenetics provides COVID-19 testing services to companies that need to assess risks associated with their own service delivery as well as protect and reassure their staff and customers.

Prenetics clients include some of the UK’s leading sports clubs, film studios and media companies. COVID-19 testing is a key part of their strategy for maintaining complicated and fast-paced operations in the face of the threat posed by the pandemic.

Prenetics has to be highly responsive, setting up mobile testing centres at very short notice anywhere in the UK. This means SafeGroup has to be equally agile to provide an offensive waste collection service Prenetics and its clients can always rely on.

In the time we have used SafeGroup services I have found them to professional, helpful and responsive, with great customer service and communication. They have always met last-minute requests and their work is always completed to a high standard. I would be happy to recommend SafeGroup to other companies

Megan PattenSite Readiness Supervisor, Project Screen by Prenetics

The Solution

We quickly realised matching Prenetics’ demand for COVID-19 offensive waste collection with the ability to dispose of it at a registered site as close as possible was critical to the operation’s success.

By establishing new disposal outlets local to the sites as they came on stream, we could transfer smaller volumes of waste at more frequent intervals. This would be more efficient than trying to fit in bulk transfers.

We ensure communication is smooth and clear, with all service requests directed in the first instance to one key account champion, allowing rapid decision making and building trust.

We created a shared file the client updates with new job requests.

This pulls jobs straight into our digital job management system while we can update the shared file to acknowledge receipt and note key actions.

This gives us and Prenetics the visibility and control we need to meet deadlines and to be sure all onsite tasks are efficiently completed and accurately recorded.

As an integrated specialist cleaning and waste management service provider, we can provide COVID-19 disinfection services as each testing site is decommissioned as well as collect the offensive waste.

The good geographical spread of our operational resources, from the West Country to Scotland, means we can reach all UK regions while keeping journey times as short as possible and reducing the service’s carbon footprint.

This service was challenging mobilise but we were confident from the start that we could deliver for Prenetics. It had previously engaged with another provider. We could demonstrate best value and quality that ensured client sites were compliant and well serviced. The contract has been a major success, which is testament to the expertise and professionalism of our teams.

Chris MacDonaldStrategic Sales Director, SafeGroup


  • Response times to service requests have exceeded Prenetics’ expectations.
  • The agility of the system we have in place is allowing us to scale up service delivery as our client’s COVID-19 testing service expands.
  • More testing sites are being added to our offensive waste collection network all the time with no reduction in service standards.