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COVID-19 Decontamination

The Challenge

In March 2020, London Stansted Airport found itself on the front line of the response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the UK. The airport needed to take urgent measures to protect the travelling public at a time when information about the virus was still limited.

Taking measures to decontaminate both public and back office areas was identified as a priority. Nick Henderson, The airport’s head of business continuity and resilience contacted SafeGroup and asked two questions:

Do you have the capability to do this?
Do you have the capacity to do this?

The answer to both these questions was yes.

The Solution

Electrostatic decontamination

SafeGroup has invested in new electrostatic technology that enhances the delivery of an ultra-high-level broad spectrum disinfectant spray.

The chemical is electrically charged as it is delivered through a 40-micron spray head. It is also formulated to react to the electrostatic charge.

The combination of these two attributes ensure the millions of tiny chemical droplets wrap around and completely coat any surface, hard or soft. The electrostatic action helps increase the period during which the agent protects against recontamination.

Electrostatic Spray Technology


Following a site visit, SafeGroup offered a range of decontamination approaches to counter the COVID-19 risk.

They included:

  • Targeted spraying of high-risk touch points.
  • Reactive decontamination of high-risk areas, including the airport’s medical centre and isolation pod.
  • Continuous spraying of high-risk surfaces in passenger and staff areas.

Given the health, wellbeing and business risks associated with COVID-19, London Stansted Airport commissioned SafeGroup to carry out an intensive combination of all these interventions.

SafeGroup prepared a bespoke risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) for the work. Decontamination was carried out by two teams of four decontamination operatives, working two 8-hour shifts, from early in the morning to late at night.

These teams wore standard PPE with masks. The aim was to provide an effective decontamination service and visible reassurance to travellers. For decontaminating high-risk areas, such as the medical isolation pod, full hazmat PPE protection has been worn, including a respirator.

SafeGroup electrostatic spray


  • SafeGroup had COVID-19 decontamination teams operational within 48 hours of being commissioned to deliver the service.
  • The airport senior management team has been highly impressed with the decontamination
    work carried out.
  • Passengers have been reassured that action is being taken to protect them against COVID-19.
  • Staff have confidence in senior management action – and can share that confidence with customers.

The SafeGroup team mobilised very quickly and has been doing an excellent job for us. We needed to respond quickly to reassure passengers and staff that decisive action was being taken on their behalf. SafeGroup’s decontamination service has been an important component of our strategy.

Nick HendersonHead of Business Continuity and Resilience Stansted Airport

Client benefits

  • Fast and effective response to COVID-19 from a UK leader in specialist cleaning and decontamination.
  • Application of innovative anti-COVID-19 electrostatic disinfectant spray technology, not available from other cleaning specialists.

Protect wellbeing and reputation

Employers are recognising their duty of care in safeguarding the wellbeing and mental health of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. They can demonstrate to customers and regulators that they have taken effective measures to mitigate the psychological health risks of COVID-19.

Deploying SafeGroup’s COVID-19 decontamination technology will help reduce the risk of anxiety, especially in workplaces where staff are being asked to stay at their posts to provide essential services.

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