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Food Waste Collection

SafeGroup provides a fast, reliable national service for food waste collection, including freezer breakdowns, stock clearance, out of date food collection and food product recalls.

We work for food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants, wholesalers, pubs and fast food outlets, ensuring food waste is removed off premises swiftly and treated sustainably.

Trusted food waste collection

Managing food waste effectively can be a significant environmental compliance issue for food companies. That is why we aim to provide the fastest and most dependable food waste collection service in the UK.

We deliver a fully compliant 24/7 national waste service. We work to the most stringent food waste collection KPIs in the country. All Category-3 Animal Bi-Products (Cat-3 ABP) we collect is disposed of sustainably through anerobic digestion (AD).

SafeGroup operates the latest purpose-designed food waste vans with sealed compartments and antibacterial liners. All our operatives are trained to handle food waste safely and sensitively.

Who we work for

SafeGroup provides a food waste collection service for a wide range of businesses in the food industry supply chain. They include other waste companies and brokers, food manufacturers, wholesalers, supermarket retailers, restaurants, pubs, events and hospitality specialists, and public organisations, such as hospitals and schools.

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SafeGroup food waste solution

Our food waste collection service is completely flexible and will be tailored to your precise needs. We will make unscheduled and emergency collections whenever you need them. Seasonal and peak time food waste collection can be built into our service, for example fridge and freezer failures over warm summer months.

A transparent, trackable food waste service

Working with us is easy. We have a friendly, experienced and skilled customer support team ready to take your call and expedite your service needs.

All our vehicles are GPS tracked. Food waste jobs are controlled via a digital work management system, allowing us to monitor our operation, control your food waste disposal costs, and demonstrate you are always legally compliant.

Freezer and refrigerator breakdown service

Responding rapidly to freezer and refrigerator breakdowns is vital for retailers and food manufacturers. Whether it involves walk-in freezer or chiller units, or shopfloor cabinets, they must be cleared quickly and efficiently.

SafeGroup is committed to providing the fasted freezer and refrigerator breakdown service in the UK. Our customers get a dedicated free telephone number direct to a national call centre, so their emergency call is dealt with straight away, day or night.

Food waste removal services we offer include:

  • Same day service 24 hours a day anywhere in the UK.
  • Site bagging of loose food waste where practicable
  • Shelf cleansing following food removal prior to restocking.

From a basic pre-bag collection service to a comprehensive shelf clear, clean and bagging service, our aim is to free up your staffs’ time to get on with the important process of restocking the shelves with fresh produce.

SafeGroup operates the latest purpose-designed food waste vans with sealed compartments and antibacterial liners. All our operatives are trained to handle food waste safely and sensitively.

Case study – food product recall

SafeGroup carried out a product recall for a national food chain that required the collection of food waste from 800 outlets across the UK. The key challenge – it had to be completed in just 72 hours.

Our emergency project team mapped circular routes across the UK taking in every outlet plus the nearest waste treatment facility. SafeGroup operatives began each shift at 4am to complete the recall on time.

At the end of each day, client outlets were contacted to make sure the collection had taken place. GPS tracking helped make sure every collection was recorded.

Successful outcome: the food recall was completed on time with all food waste treated through AD to create green energy

Case study – food product recall

Food waste collection – 10 reasons to select SafeGroup

  1. Agile, fast and transparent 24/7 service
  2. An emergency back-up if your scheduled waste carrier has a problem
  3. Bin and bagged waste food waste collection
  4. Trained and qualified operatives
  5. KPIs tailored for your business’s needs
  6. Right mix of modern, eco-friendly food waste vehicles
  7. Including small food waste vans for fast collections in all urban areas
  8. Sustainable service, with all food waste recycled through AD plants
  9. Additional services, including fridge and freezer removal, specialist cleaning and pest solutions.

Food Waste Collection Services

At SafeGroup we have a team of highly trained and qualified staff who perform our food waste collection services. We offer food waste collection across the United Kingdom and have experience working with clients such as The NHS.

Talk to us about how we can help you to sustainably and effectively manage your food waste service.
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SafeGroup is committed to providing the fasted freezer and refrigerator breakdown service in the UK. You will get a dedicated free telephone number, so your emergency call is dealt with immediately.

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