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At the SafeGroup we are experts in removing your ant problem, delivering pest control to prevent further ant infestation. Swift, efficient eradication of ant problems, whatever the variant, ensures your premises are safe from potential health risks.

With qualified technicians and a 24/7 service, we can attend your site in London to deal with an ant infestation – using a bait system or insecticide to swiftly deal with a colony of ants.

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An ant infestation inside or outside of your property can be distressing, not only because of the discomfort and stress they cause, but because they bring with them the risk of disease being carried into your home or commercial premises.

Common Black Ant – Native to the UK, these ants are usually found nearby to homes and other buildings. Attracted to food and sweet items, they often make a nuisance of themselves whilst potentially carrying disease in high risk areas such as kitchens.

Pharaoh Ant – A tropical ant, the pharaoh variant likes to take refuge in heated areas, particularly indoors. They pose a problem for hospitals and larger buildings, carrying disease with them.

Ghost Ant – Originating from the USA, ghost ants are now increasing in numbers in the UK. As with the pharaoh ant, they prefer warmer habitats, driving them into homes and businesses. Kitchens and bathrooms are among their favoured places, potentially carrying disease with them.

Other varieties of ant include wood ants and flying ants, both of which have been known to bite on rare occasions.

Ant Control London

We offer our ant control services across London and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Ants are attracted to the sweet and sticky substances we keep in our kitchens. You should take measures to ensure your food containers are adequately sealed, such as checking for cracks or gaps where they can enter. Ants will also be drawn towards any spills on a table surface so it is important that you clean up these quickly too- pay special attention to out of the way areas like under cookers or white goods appliances which might attract ants more easily than other surfaces because their feet may get caught by wire coils etc.

SafeGroup is the most reliable company for ant control services in London. We utilize cutting-edge chemicals and organic solutions to get results quickly with our effective treatment methods.

When should I contact ant control experts?

You should call one of the London pest exterminators as soon as you spot any signs of an ant infestation. Some types, like carpenter ants, can cause major damage and end up costing homeowners a lot in repairs for their homes before they know it’s happening!

Do you offer ant control services outside of business hours?

Yes. We offer 24/7 services. Many of our commercial clients schedule us to work around their businesses main operational hours. This minimises any disruption for your business.

What areas do you cover?

We offer ant control services in London and the surrounding areas. We may be able to offer same day services for some areas located near our London branch. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our ant control specialists.

What experience does SafeGroup have?

SafeGroup has been providing specialist cleaning, pest control and waste management services since the company was founded in 2004. Key members of the senior leadership team have many more years’ experience in the delivery of Specialist Cleaning services.

Operatives undergo training and extensive induction processes on joining SafeGroup even if they have previously worked in the Specialist Cleaning and waste sector.

How long will the job take?

There is no specific defined timeframe for each of the services that SafeGroup provides. For cleaning and pest solutions, the time needed will depend on the size of the area and the complexity of the task. For waste management services, time on site depends on the type and volume of waste, ease of access to the waste, and the size of the area the waste covers.

Based on initial discussions, we will give you an indication of length of time each job will take. If necessary, this can be supported by a site visit, which will help us assess timeframes.

What accreditations does SafeGroup hold?

SafeGroup is a member of several external independent trade organisations which regularly audit the company. Our accreditation certificates and membership organisations can be found on this page

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