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What to expect from a high-level cleaning service



Michelle Ringland

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What to expect from a high-level cleaning service

High-level cleaning refers to the cleaning of everything that is above shoulder height. At SafeGroup we provide cleaning up to 20ft (just over 6 metres. Anything above this requires specialist machinery such as scissor lifts, cherry pickers or scaffolding.

What is high-level cleaning? 

As businesses continue to navigate the reopening process post pandemic, there are many unique challenges. Given the last year, many businesses have a newfound focus on sanitation both internally and externally. Additionally, facility managers may want to consider high-level cleaning as they reopen and refresh their workplaces and importantly their brand.


Different types of high-level cleaning 

At SafeGroup we cover both internal and external high-level cleaning for commercial properties. Internal services would include things like high ceilings, internal roofing where necessary, light fixtures/ skylights, internal cladding including beams, and even walls. 

External services would include gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, cladding or façade cleaning, solar panel cleaning, banner and signage cleaning, skylight, and canopies. 


Types of premises included in this service 

We cover a wide variety of high level cleaning including the following:

  • Car dealerships 
  • Historic buildings 
  • Museums 
  • Distribution centres
  • Warehouses 
  • Factories 
  • Corporate office buildings 
  • Apartment buildings 
  • Large retailer stores 
  • Cinemas and shopping centres
  • Supermarkets 
  • Churches and community centres 

If your building is not featured on this list do not hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you. 


What is the procedure? 

At SafeGroup we use the highest level of procedures to ensure the safety of all staff, customers, and the general public. Our procedures include:

Consultation & Inspection 

We start with an initial consultation to discuss what kind of cleaning you are looking for, providing you with a quote and arranging the best time for us to conduct the cleaning. We take into account any risks involved and put together a plan of action for your site which considers staff, visitors, and our team.

Arrival & protecting the working area 

All of our staff will arrive on time and in our company uniform providing punctual and professional cleaning at every scheduled clean. Before any work commences we will prepare and protect the immediate area by cordoning it off, this includes diverting walking paths where needed to ensure the safety of our staff, customers, and pedestrians. 

Clean high and low levels 

Now we can carry out the cleaning process, including disinfection and sterilisation of all areas delivering a quality service. We start at a high level and work our way downwards this ensures there is no cross-contamination and any mess caused will be cleaned sufficiently. 

Finishing touches 

This involves polishing and dusting, ensuring that your premises are well looked after 

Final inspection 

Our team carries out a thorough inspection of all areas that have been tackled, ensuring that the client is satisfied and signs off the work as complete. 


High-level cleaning equipment 

The equipment that we require for each job varies depending on the kind of premises we are working on. Some of the high-level cleaning equipment that we use includes:

  • Ladders- great for internal high-level cleaning as well as slightly smaller jobs.
  • Long reach poles and water-fed brushes – Perfect for both internal and external with attachable brushes making window cleaning a breeze. 
  • Access platforms – For slightly larger jobs where a ladder or long reach pole wouldn’t work we may use an access platform that could vary from scaffolding, cherry pickers, aerial platforms, and one-man life platforms. 
  • Wet vac units to reduce cross contamination.

Once we have undertaken our initial consultation we can discuss the type of equipment we plan on using and what cleaning service we would be providing, ranging from power washing to hand washing. 


Why choose SafeGroup

At SafeGroup, our work teams are well supervised by experienced and expert managers who make sure services are delivered smoothly and professionally. We are a truly national service with five depots covering the whole of the UK and operatives based in all regions. 

We use the latest work control software that provides customers up-to-the-minute information about their projects and photographic evidence of work completed. All our services are controlled by a specific risk assessment and method statement for the work involved.

Safety is a major priority that’s why we have an in-house health and safety team who are dedicated to monitoring our work to encourage continuous improvement

Using the latest professional cleaning chemicals, equipment and techniques we can ensure our services meet the highest standards. At SafeGroup we strive to carry out any and all work as sustainably as possible, reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating any risk to wildlife. We hold multiple accreditations and are audited by awarding bodies to ensure that our high standards are maintained. 

Get in touch 

For more information on the high-level cleaning services SafeGroup offer and to request a consultation please contact us via our website or call us on 0800 668 1268

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Michelle is responsible for developing and implementing SafeGroup’s marketing strategy. She has a deep understanding and extensive experience of working in the specialist cleaning and waste management sectors – and in partnership with marketing, sales and operational colleagues in many large client organisations. Michelle’s drive, creativity and entrepreneurial expertise, combined with a 100% commitment to quality execution and customer service, is helping SafeGroup present its services to an ever-expanding range of valued customers.

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