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Kitchen deep clean draws applause at convention centre

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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Kitchen deep cleaning carried out by CleanSafe Services has maintained the highest standards of food hygiene and safety at one of the UK’s leading convention centres.

The centre in North West England, which hosts conferences, exhibitions and entertainment events, called on our deep cleaning expertise to work on five kitchens at their venue.

The intensive programme of deep cleaning was times to coincide with the only period of low demand for the kitchens in the whole year and took six trained cleaning operatives a week to complete.

CleanSafe Services Business Development Manager Elaine Curran said: “These are some of the best kept and most professionally run commercial kitchens in the UK, so they were in a decent state of cleanliness.

“Even so, at a busy convention venue like this, to set the highest standards of hygiene and operational efficiency, it makes complete sense to build in a deep cleaning to regularly get kitchens right up to the highest standards.

“This regularly resets the benchmark of cleanliness to the highest standard, and encourages kitchen staff to understand this is the quality of food production environment they should aspire to maintain.

“We support clients by working flexibly with them, to come in at a moment’s notice, if there is a sudden lull in kitchen use. Or, we can plan months in advance to carry out deep cleans if cycles of demand are known.”

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) were taken fully into consideration while working with the client to draw up a detailed plan of how the kitchen deep cleaning would be carried out.
The CleanSafe team worked on all elements and all areas of the space, including: kitchen ducting and ventilation systems, walk-in fridges, cold rooms and pantries, as well as the floors and walls.

Equipment deep cleaned during the programme included cookers, hot plates, food preparation tables and sinks, with a strong focus on all key touch points, such as light switches, equipment knobs and taps.
Key to the success of any kitchen deep cleaning service is a methodical approach. Cleaning was carried out from the top down, so high level cleaning was carried out first.

Every area cleaned was checked and double checked by an experienced supervisor before the client was invited to inspect the work and sign it off. Our deep cleaners take pride in tackling unseen hard-to-reach areas.

Elaine Curran said: “Every area often overlooked by others, gets cleaned by us. That includes the underside of table lips, food trolley wheels, and the backs of cooker legs.

“Senior chefs and catering managers in large commercial kitchens know how to carry out deep cleaning. They watch us work, and can take confidence in our professional approach and meticulous standards. It’s what we do every day.”

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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