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Internal high-level cleaning



Michelle Ringland

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Internal high level cleaning

Cleaning at a height even just meters from the ground presents safety challenges that require a specific set of skills and qualifications that SafeGroup’s experienced team are trained to deliver.


What is included in internal high-level cleaning

High-level cleaning includes the specialist cleaning of those hard to reach places in your facility. Maintaining your business is our business, we service commercial and industrial clients to the highest standard of building maintenance, site safety and visible cleanliness.


What does it include:

Our internal high-level cleaning service covers anything from windows to internal cladding:

  • Internal roof lining 
  • Steel structures
  • Mechanica and electrical service equipment including:
  • ducting 
  • light fittings 
  • conduits 
  • structural steel and timber 
  • Cladding 
  • Roof areas 
  • Skylights 
  • Lourves
  • Vents
  • Difficult machinery/production access

If you are requiring internal high-level cleaning of something that is not featured on our list, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.


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The advantages of internal high-level cleaning

High-level cleaning eliminates any dirt, debris or dust that may be at heights. If you own or work in a large building such as a warehouse or commercial property it can be hard to maintain the cleanliness of those hard to reach places with many businesses focusing solely on ground level cleaning but those out-of-sight-out-of-mind areas need maintaining too.

No matter what industry you work in, whether it be manufacturing, distribution, retail or commercial, an internal high-level cleaning service can help you. Ensuring your facility is clean and well presented is a vital part of building a thriving business. Not doing so not only creates a bad first impression for clients but can also be detrimental to the long term health of your employees.


What is involved?

High-level cleaning involves working at potentially dangerous heights, calling for specialised equipment and a professionally trained team. At Safegroup our team work around the clock and are able to carry out high-level cleaning at whatever time best suits you, minimising the disruption to your business.

We have access to a range of equipment including:

  • Cherry Picker – An aerial crane with an adjustable platform that is able to raise and lower, multi-purpose and flexible
  • Scissor Lift – An aerial platform like a cherry picker, although is only able to rise vertically
  • Scaffold Towers – freestanding fixed point temp platforms. Easily supports both technicians and their equipment.

We also work closely with supply chain partners to provide specialist services, including scaffolding and rope access teams, if they are needed.


Why do I need high-level internal cleaning?

High-level cleaning eliminates the presence of dust particles which can be harmful to the human body. Scientific evidence suggested that airborne viral droplets are able to attach themselves to dust particles, allowing viruses to travel by creating a vehicle through which they can spread. There is even evidence to back the idea that COVID-19 can be spread through dust particles.

Once in the air dust creates an unhealthy working environment and can reduce a facilities productivity and safety. Airborne dust in the workplace can cause or worsen respiratory issues, these health issues can range from pneumonia to more severe health issues. Silica dust poses the biggest health risk, but even something as simple as wood dust can cause significant damage to the lungs and airways.

Not only is dust detrimental to the health of your employees, but it can also be a serious fire hazard. Most types of dust are in fact flammable and can ignite and spread quickly so it is key that dust is eliminated on a regular basis.


Why SafeGroup

The health and safety implications and potential damages associated with working from a height mean that high-level cleaning practices should always and only ever be undertaken by a trained professional with the correct equipment. At SafeGroup we are committed to safety and comply with all health and safety protocols, including the use of appropriate signage when cleaning is in place to warn those in the area of potential hazards.

High level means high risk, that’s why our team of dedicated professionals are fully trained in health and safety, attempts to cut corners by using untrained staff are both irresponsible and unproductive and put’s everyone at serious risk.


1 Survey
A SafeGroup manager carries out a site survey and prepares a work plan (RAMS) for the cleaning to be done safely, with least client disruption.
2 Arrival
Our IPAF and PASMA-qualified team arrives on site on time in branded uniforms with appropriate PPE and carries out a point of works risk assessment.
3 Site set-up
We create a safe work area with barriers and signage, and by diverting access routes, if necessary, all the time working flexibly with client teams.
4 Clean low and high levels
We implement the agreed high level cleaning plan. This may include a programme of disinfection, often particularly important in the food industry.
5 Final inspection
Our teams take pictures of cleaning and liaise closely with the client site management team to ensue all required work is completed to a high standard.
6 Job completion
All equipment, including access platforms, is safely removed from site. A detailed report, including before and after images, is sent to the client.


At SafeGroup we have a team of highly trained staff who specialise in high-level access cleaning. For more information on our cleaning services and to request a consultation please contact us via our website or call us on 0800 668 1268


About the author

Michelle Ringland

Michelle is responsible for developing and implementing SafeGroup’s marketing strategy. She has a deep understanding and extensive experience of working in the specialist cleaning and waste management sectors – and in partnership with marketing, sales and operational colleagues in many large client organisations. Michelle’s drive, creativity and entrepreneurial expertise, combined with a 100% commitment to quality execution and customer service, is helping SafeGroup present its services to an ever-expanding range of valued customers.

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