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Small is beautiful with nippy new food waste collection service

Fergus Healy - Head of Waste - SafeGroup


Fergus Healey

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Food waste specialist WasteSafe has proved that it can be better for customer service and sustainability to take a nibble rather than a big bite, with their new fleet of smaller collection vans.

The national specialist waste company is bucking the trend in using the compact vans, because they allow faster and more bespoke food waste collection services to be delivered to waste brokers, retailers and restaurants.


Bucking the trend – WasteSafe shows nippy side of food waste collection with new smaller cans

WasteSafe Director Martin Bull said: “A lot of food waste collection companies use larger vehicles on fixed routes. This means there is reduced flexibility when it comes to pick-up frequency and times.

“For a lot of retailers and restaurants, this can cause a problem, with food waste building up on their premises, problems with pests such as rodents and foxes, and waste bins having to be used where there’s not enough space for them.

“Our new fleet of smaller food waste collection vans is the answer to all that. It’s like food waste collection vehicle portion control. But in this case, less is definitely more, in terms of better and more efficient service.”

WasteSafe has bought a fleet of nippy and fuel-efficient Vauxhall Combo vans to add to its food waste collection fleet. All the vehicles have been modified with the latest load space liners specifically designed to for carrying waste food.

The vans have a 3.4 cubic metre capacity, and can carry up to a tonne in weight. They also have the latest eco-conscious diesel engines, so they contribute to client sustainability pledges.

WasteSafe is using the vehicle fleet to support key national accounts, including food waste collection services for national companies, including one of the big five food retailers and restaurant chains.

Martin Bull said: “One of the main benefits of having a fleet of smaller food waste collection vehicles is that we can offer a more frequent service, and tailor collection routes to meet the precise needs of customers.

“We can service shops, restaurants and fast-food outlets whose premises have limited parking, or who need don’t want large lorries blocking customer access, for example food retailers on petrol station forecourts.

“Running smaller vehicles means we do not have to use HGV drivers, so costs are reduced, which means we can provide a more competitive service to our customers.
“It is about delivering a more agile, customer-focused food collection service.

“We can complete more food waste collection pick-ups in a day, which is a particular benefit in large urban centres, where clients can have multiple outlets, and value having a fast and responsive service.

“We can also respond more quickly to emergencies, such as chiller cabinet and freezer breakdowns, so our clients’ retail operations can recover more quickly, with less impact on customer service.”

WasteSafe Services operates a range of food waste collection vehicles, from the Vauxhall Combo up to a 7.5 tonne rear-loading lorry for collections from 1100 litre bins.
Customers have the option of a simple price per bin fee. Or, thanks to WasteSafe’s industry-leading on-vehicle waste weighing system, they can pay only for the food waste collected.

This approach is particularly attractive to clients who are keen to respond to consumer concerns by reducing the amount of food waste they create. All food waste collected by WasteSafe is disposed of legally and sustainably.

WasteSafe operates a national food waste services via its network of four branches, in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. All operatives are fully trained and hold relevant industry certification.

For more information, contact WasteSafe Services: 0800 133 1330. Email: info@wastesafeservices.co.uk.

Fergus Healy - Head of Waste - SafeGroup
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Fergus is responsible for SafeGroup’s large and extensive emergency waste management service. He is a graduate analytical environmental chemist and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Fergus has over two decades’ experience at manager and director level in the waste industry including organic waste processing and food waste collection. Fergus’s work focuses on the strategic development of our waste removal business, leading our rapid growth in this sector. Away from work, he is an avid golf player and he enjoys the great outdoors, hiking in the Lake District and North Wales.