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Seamless high-level cleaning sparkles at aviation factory

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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A specialist team from the SafeGroup has completed a five-week programme of high-level cleaning in an aviation engineering manufacturing and research centre.

Flexible scheduling of the cleaning process ensured the work was completed on time and on budget without disrupting any production processes, a crucial objective set by the client.

The SafeGroup’s Operations Manager Jamie Osborne said: “The factory operated on a just-in-time production basis and was involved in the manufacturer of complex, precision components.

“Both factors meant there was no way production could be altered, let alone suspended, to allow us to do our work, so we had to work closely with the client to work around them at all times.
“Being both creative and very focussed about how to get this work done, is a key part of what the SafeGroup can offer. We take steps to quickly understand how a client operates, so we can act like an in-house team from day one, delivering seamless service.”

High level cleaning productivity

Four SafeGroup specialist cleaning operatives worked on the project, using a scissor lift and a cherry picker to carry out high level cleaning up to 10 metres from ground-level.

All walls, steel supports, and ceiling panels were cleaned in the 140,000 sq ft building using a wet wipe system. This prevented the risk of cleaning fluids dripping into production areas.

High Level Cleaning at Bakery

Jamie Osborne said: “We worked closely with a production supervisor, only entering and enclosing an area when we were clear that our work would not impact on production.

“The client said they were impressed with our professionalism and safety standards, and in the way we could maintain high levels of productivity while working in such a highly-restricted environment.”

As well as high level cleaning, it delivers many other specialist and emergency cleaning services, including after builders cleaning, bio-containment cleaning, fire damage cleaning, and flood damage cleaning.

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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Chris Macdonald

Chris has strategic responsibility for sales development and major accounts management at SafeGroup. He was a professional footballer with Southampton FC until a series of injuries ended his career while still a teenager. Chris began working as a helpdesk controller for a national FM company in 2004. By 2013 he was its managing director. From there he joined SafeGroup in 2018, bringing with him huge expertise plus the energy, enthusiasm and drive that would have surely made him a success in the Premier League. He does, however, still enjoy playing football.

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