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Pool flood damage cleanup completed

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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CleanSafe Services has completed a major flood damage cleanup project at a private sports and fitness club where a pipe burst allowing 200,0000 litres of water to gush out.

A third of of the water in the 20 metre pool drained into the basement at the Charing Cross Sports Club in Hammersmith, West London, on the site of Charing Cross Hospital.

CleanSafe put in place a range of flood damage cleanup measures at the club, taking just 10 weeks to complete the work.

Club Manager Tom Canning said: “CleanSafe’s response has been impressive. Such a critical failure is the nightmare scenario for any sports facility managing a swimming pool. Getting in expert help quickly was key to our recovery.

“The flood was like a tsunami. Our basement was waist-high in water within minutes. The club’s electricity control panel was submerged, so we lost power, which meant the club had to close temporarily.

“The flood recovery firm our insurance company appointed was clearly not up to the job, so I contacted CleanSafe very late on Friday night. They had a team on site, with all the equipment they needed early the next morning.”

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CleanSafe used a jet vacuumation tanker to remove the water. Because the water contained treatment chemicals, it was disposed of at an authorised waste site.

The flood damage cleanup was managed by CleanSafe Account Manager Colin Williams. He said taking decisive action, based on sound technical knowledge, is vital for flood damage restoration.

He added: “Reconnecting electricity was critical. Because of the built up location, with a hospital and homes nearby, we had to obtain a temporary supply from the grid, not use generators. Once power was back on, after three weeks, the club could partially reopen.”

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CleanSafe follows a rigorously-tested approach to flood recovery in buildings, incorporating the latest innovations as they are developed.

With standing water in the club’s basement cleared, all surfaces, including pipework and machinery, were sanitised by being wiped down to prevent mould growth.

The basement was then treated with a deodorising agent, to neutralise unpleasant smells, which was particularly important to maintain a pleasant environment for club members.

The dry-out was completed with dehumidifiers and air blowers over a period of two months – up to 10 of each deployed at the height of the process.

Colin Williams said: “Swimming pool water contains chlorine and acids that could have damaged the fabric of the building. So the drying process had to be very closely monitored.

“Also, drying has to be done at a speed that not so fast that it causes cracking of walls and floors, but not so slow that it can lead to mould growth.

“Our priority with flood recovery cleanup work is to get our clients fully back up and running as fast as possible, in a way that best protects their commercial interests, both in the short and long-term.”

Tom Canning said: “Having CleanSafe on our team helped us to plan our recovery with confidence. We could advise our 2,500 members with certainty, minimising their anxiety and the long-term negative impact of a catastrophic event.

“We were able to open some services three weeks after the flood, and complete the recovery in less than three months, which is a remarkable team effort. CleanSafe’s contribution has been pivotal.”

For more information about CleanSafe’s flood damage cleanup services, email: [email protected] Telephone: 0800 668 1268

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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