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Naval skills help keep SafeGroup ship-shape for expansion

Wayne Basham - Head of Operations - SafeGroup


Wayne Basham

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Former Royal Navy chief petty officer Phil Rigby has been appointed to a senior operational role at SafeGroup as the company continues to expand its national services.

He is the company’s new northern operations manager, responsible for overseeing teams delivering services from SafeGroup’s Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham depots.

Phil Rigby - SafeGroup Ops Manager North

Phil Rigby served in the Royal Navy for 16 years, completing a tour in Afghanistan and serving on HMS Liverpool during its involvement in the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

He has joined SafeGroup from a role as a national cleaning manager at a facilities management company, his first after leaving the Royal Navy.

SafeGroup is a national leader in the delivery of emergency soft FM and highly-responsive waste management services, including COVID-19 disinfection and hazardous waste removal.

Wayne Basham, Head of Operations at SafeGroup, said: “Phil brings to SafeGroup proven leadership skills and a positive can-do culture learned from military service, along with FM experience.

“These are great qualities for the fast-paced services and performance our customers need and expect from SafeGroup which makes him a great addition to our operational team.”

Phil Rigby said: “SafeGroup is a dynamic work environment, with the need to respond quickly to customer needs, which is what I was looking for when I joined.

“In some ways, it’s like being in the navy. There is a need for good team work, high standards and to respond decisively under moments of pressure to meet some big cleaning and waste challenges, so I’m very much enjoying it.

“Also, I like our ambition. SafeGroup is growing as a business and it’s my job to motivate the operational teams to keep that momentum going. We have very dedicated and skilled cleaning and waste operatives who work to the highest standards in our industry.”

One of Phil Rigby’s last roles in the navy was a nine-month global tour aboard HMS Daring, the world’s most advanced anti-aircraft destroyer.

He is now tasked with working with SafeGroup’s senior team to set similarly high standards with a growing portfolio of innovative specialist cleaning and waste services, including advanced anti-microbial disinfection and decontamination technologies.

He leads on delivery of large and complex projects and manages training and operational training as SafeGroup develops its national service capability.

He is a father-of-three, lives with his partner in Merseyside, and is an ardent rugby league fan. A qualified match official, he works as a volunteer to help train young officials for the Rugby Football League.

Wayne Basham - Head of Operations - SafeGroup
About the author

Wayne Basham

Wayne is responsible for ensuring the effective and smooth day-to-day running of all SafeGroup operations. A key role is coordinating our teams so customers can fully benefit from integrated delivery of cleaning and waste services. Wayne started his career as a soldier in the British Army before working for 12 years in catering supplies management. Since 2002 Wayne has built up extensive experience in senior operational, commercial and procurement management in the waste sector before joining SafeGroup in 2020. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys running and weight training.

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