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Leisure Centre bosses ‘blown away’ by floor transformation

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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Managers at a busy leisure centre in South East London were amazed by the transformation of their service area floors by specialist deep cleaning delivered by CleanSafe Services.

Nearly 500 square metres of floor around the centre’s swimming pool and changing rooms were cleaned in a two-day programme – greatly enhancing their look, cleanliness, and safety.

Before and After Deep Floor Clean

CleanSafe Services Regional Manager Chris Cable said: “The leisure centre’s general manager visited our team while they were working, and he and his colleagues were blown away by the difference it made.

“They could see how bright and clean the floors were. Just as important, they could appreciate how, by deep-cleaning the floor, we had removed grime from the non-slip profiling on the tiles, making them much safer.”

CleanSafe Services has exclusive rights in mainland UK to be the contract applicator of Bonasystems floor cleaning and treatment products, including Bonasystems Grip, a leading anti-slip coating.

Floor cleaning affects customer choice

Competition for new customers and members in the leisure and sports activity market is intense, and both visual appeal and safety can be strong differentiators, said Chris Cable.

He added: “In large towns and cities, especially, potential new members will have a choice of several leisure centres, both private and council-owned, and will often visit them all before making a decision on which one to join.

“Seeing grubby floors on one and a shiny clean one in the other is likely to make a difference for many potential customers, so having the right floor cleaning programme makes a great deal of commercial sense.”

Minimising the risk of slips and trips

Increasingly, leisure centre management teams are also aware of the severe reputational, legal, and financial risks of not maintaining floors in high risk areas – swimming pools being one of them – to minimise the risk of slips and trips.

Chris Cable said: “In this case, the dirt ingrained in the floors had covered the tiles to such a degree that the micro pattern on the tiles, designed to reduce slip risks, was completely ineffective.

“This presented a significant regulatory and legal risk for the leisure centre, because injuries from slips and falls were more likely, and a due diligence defence against civil claims for damages, or criminal action by the Health and Safety Executive, were significantly undermined.”

Products designed for leisure centres

CleanSafe Services has now introduced new service packages designed specifically for leisure centres that provide ongoing deep cleaning floor treatment support, plus monitoring of Bonasystems Grip coatings, if selected, to ensure these slip and trip risks are minimised.

Chris Cable said: “Leisure centres that try to maintain floor cleaning programmes by themselves find they don’t have the expertise to use advanced cleaning chemicals and techniques effectively, so their efforts are undermined.

“Even floors that look clean can present higher slip and trip risks because body fats, invisible to the naked eye, coat non-slip profiles on tiles, increasing the chance of falls that can cause serious injury or even death.

Affordable and effective floor cleaning and treatment

“Our commercial floor cleaning and treatment service is designed to be affordable, even within the tight maintenance budgets experienced by leisure centres, while delivering an effective cleaning regime that impresses customers while maximising safety.”

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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Chris Macdonald

Chris has strategic responsibility for sales development and major accounts management at SafeGroup. He was a professional footballer with Southampton FC until a series of injuries ended his career while still a teenager. Chris began working as a helpdesk controller for a national FM company in 2004. By 2013 he was its managing director. From there he joined SafeGroup in 2018, bringing with him huge expertise plus the energy, enthusiasm and drive that would have surely made him a success in the Premier League. He does, however, still enjoy playing football.

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