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High level gutter cleaning service leaves IT firm’s brand looking up

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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A leading international software company has turned to CleanSafe for a high level gutter cleaning service at its UK offices, so they are clean and safe – and enhance the company brand.

Roof gutters enhancing a company’s brand? Yes, says the company’s facilities maintenance administrator, because visiting customers often judge a company by the quality of their premises.

That is why she contracts a trained and qualified team of high-level cleaning specialists to carry out a full clean and inspection of the guttering at the modern office development in the Home Counties every year.

CleanSafe also provides the company with an emergency high level gutter cleaning and maintenance service.

High level gutter cleaning
Before – overhanging trees contributed to leaves and moss building up, making high level gutter cleaning essential

High level gutter cleaning enhances the client’s reputation

The client recognises that operating buildings that are clearly kept in first class condition is a vital part of its brand image, reflecting its very high quality standards, says CleanSafe Services Business Development Manager Stephen Savill.

He added: “It is clearly important, for the efficient function of buildings and good practice in facilities management, to keep property drainage systems working properly.

“Many of our clients also value the high standard of our work and our unrivalled expertise because they understand that their clients, and potential clients, judge them on the quality of their business environment.

“This can be both conscious and subconscious. Ensuring everything is working well and looking just right could be vital for an important business deal. Many of our clients appreciate the benefit to their brand of their facilities being maintained to the highest standards. It’s about being visibly clean.

“A new client could be put off by the sight of grass growing out of gutters as they walk in to sign a potentially lucrative contract. It is certainly not worth the risk of letting the building begin to look shabby just to find out if that’s the case.”

after picture of gutters cleaned
After – 30 bags of leaves and moss debris were collected by the CleanSafe high level gutter cleaning team

CleanSafe high level gutter cleaning service is “perfect for us”

Due to a strict company policy, the software company declined to be identified. However, its facilities administrator confirmed that brand image projected through the quality of its premises is of serious concern.

She added: “CleanSafe’s high level gutter cleaning services is perfect for us. They are highly professional, carry out the work at weekend, when our staff and operations will not be affected, and the quality of their work is always very good.

“Ensuring our building looks in very good condition, as well as being maintained to a high standard is very important. We have clients visiting us from all over the world. We want their first impression reflect the excellence of our service.

“Keeping the guttering in good order is very much part of that approach.”

The company’s office is on a modern business park surrounded by trees. Every autumn leaves fall into the gutters, along with branches and other debris, especially during windy weather. This then encourages the build-up of moss and algae, which is both unsightly and adds to increased risk of gutter blockages.

During the latest round of gutter cleaning, 30 bags of leaves and other waste were removed from the gutters. The CleanSafe team used cherry pickers and other access equipment to reach the gutters safely and efficiently.

Gutter cleaning essential to operational efficiency and safety

Stephen Savill said: “We clean out any moss, leaves or debris, and clean the gutters thoroughly. We also inspect the gutter joints and carry out repairs if they have become loose or displaced.

“Gutters need to be kept clean to prevent water spilling out of them and flowing down the side of buildings which could cause potentially very expensive damage and unsightly staining.

“It is also a health and safety issue, because rainwater can build up in gutters blocked by plant debris. This additional weight can result in gutter sections falling to the ground, presenting a serious hazard to anyone walking beneath.

High level gutter cleaning a cost-effective maintenance solution

“Also, standing water in gutters may leak out and freeze during winter months, increasing the risk of further gutter damage and additional hazards caused by falling ice.

“Putting in place regular gutter cleaning programme is more cost-effective in the long-term than waiting for guttering to fail, which could result in the whole guttering system having to be replaced at significant capital cost.

“Leaves and debris that gather in gutters can also block downpipes, which could be harder and more expensive to clean and unblock, or be flushed into the below-ground drainage system, where again it increases the likelihood of further blockages.”

“CleanSafe provides an end-to-end high level gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance service. We survey our clients’ high level drainage assets, provide a clear and costed proposals for the best cleaning and maintenance regime, then carry out the work to the required standards.

“That way, the building, staff and company brand are all protected.”

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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