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Going to the movies for flood damage restoration

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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CleanSafe operatives took on a starring role when they were called in by a cinema to carry out flood damage restoration cleaning work.

The cinema north of Birmingham called on CleanSafe’s flood cleaning service after a late night burst pipe resulted in water gushing over its foyer floor.

An emergency plumber was called to stop the water.

But there was still the problem of removing the flood water in time for the cinema to open the following day.

So the cinema called CleanSafe’s 24/7 freephone number and an emergency flood damage restoration plan was immediately put in place.

By 7.30am the next day, a team deployed by CleanSafe’s Birmingham depot, was at the cinema ready to start cleaning up the flood water.

They used high powered wet vacs – vacuum cleaners for removing water – to suck up as much of the standing flood water as possible.

Then special highly-absorbent cloths were used to mop up the rest of the flood water.
Some of the floor tiles had been so badly damaged by the flood water that they could not be kept.

These were removed and disposed of later by CleanSafe at an authorised waste site.

Finally, an anti-bacterial agent was used to sanitise the flood-affected area, to minimise the risk of mould growth and bad odours caused by the flood water.

Thanks to CleanSafe’s rapid emergency flood restoration response, the foyer was safe and ready for the cinema to open to the public that afternoon.

CleanSafe Northern Operations Manager Matthew Bottrell said: “When a building suffers a flood in this way, it is essential to respond quickly.

“Implementing an emergency flood damage restoration plan minimises the risk of long-term damage to the fabric of the building.

“It also ensures a commercial operation or public service is back in action as quickly as possible, minimising financial loss and inconvenience to customers.

“CleanSafe has the experienced emergency flood cleaning operatives and specialist equipment always ready to go. This is what we do, day in, day out.

“Okay, it won’t win us an Oscar, but it gives us a real buzz to get businesses back up and running after facing a flood damage cleaning emergency.”

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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