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No time to rest for CleanSafe in bed store fire and flood restoration

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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The manager of a Bensons for Beds showroom has praised CleanSafe Services in Scotland for its fast emergency response to a fire at his store.

Douglas Wilson said the fire and flood restoration work done by CleanSafe was essential to help him get his store in High Street, Glasgow, open and trading again quickly.

He said: “The CleanSafe operatives were brilliant. Our showroom was in chaos, with fire officers, building contractors and shop staff everywhere.

“But the CleanSafe team got on with their work, quickly and efficiently. There was water everywhere from the fire hoses, and rubble all over the floor.

“Within a couple of hours, the rubble was outside and ready to be disposed of, and the carpet was as good as new. You couldn’t tell it had been flooded.”

Firefighters had been quick to respond to the suspected electrical fire in the ceiling void of the Bensons for Beds store.

They had to pull down part of the suspended ceiling to reach the seat of the fire, and used hundreds of gallons of water to ensure it was extinguished.

That turned a fire hazard into a flood problem, with the CleanSafe Services branch in Livingston called in to lead the fire and flood restoration clean-up.

Douglas Wilson said: “Safety of the public and staff is paramount in an emergency like this. After that, the most important thing is to start trading again as soon as possible.

“CleanSafe’s work was vital to us recovering quickly. We reopened two days after the fire. I couldn’t praise them highly enough.”

CleanSafe Office Manager Amy Martin said Bensons for Beds’ experience illustrated the benefit of taking quick action to call in fire and flood restoration cleaning experts.

She added: “We are pleased to have been able to help Bensons for Beds. Our operatives are all trained to respond rapidly to flood recovery emergencies like this.

“If we get the work fast, there is less chance of the water used to tackle fires causing more deep-seated and costly damage and contamination.

“In this case, we used an industrial wet vacuumation machine to remove the water from floor, and supplied Bensons for Beds with commercial dehumidifiers to continue the process of fully drying out the worst-affected areas.

“Because, through our sister company, WasteSafe, we are a registered waste carrier, we were able to safely and efficiently dispose of 160kg of ceiling material and water-damaged signage.”

For more information on CleanSafe’s fire and flood restoration service, call 0800 668 1268.

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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