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CleanSafe’s Extreme Cleaning Services

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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In the world of specialist cleaning, every day is a new adventure. Here at CleanSafe, we’re no strangers to complex jobs that put our extreme cleaning services to the test. Our expert cleaning operatives are highly qualified and experienced in tackling damage, devastation and disrepair of all sizes.

Take a look at some of our most challenging jobs below to find out why we’re the trusted name in emergency cleaning.

Supermarket explosion

In 2014, CleanSafe was called out to a supermarket in the south west of England to clean up after a storage freezer overheated and exploded. The force of the blast was so powerful that it blew out the store’s front windows, caused tins to explode, and melted plastic packaging into the floors.

The resulting blaze caused extensive fire damage to equipment, furniture, floors and the suspended ceiling, meaning that the store needed to be completely refit as soon as possible.

CleanSafe’s extreme cleaning services included:

  • Removing and safely disposing of over 15 tonnes of food waste
  • Stripping back to bare walls and floors
  • Deep cleaning floors, ceilings and walls
  • Carrying out thermal fogging to remove odours
  • Sealing any remaining soot particles

Once the job was complete, the building was left as a safe, clean blank canvas, ready for shop fitters to create a new supermarket from scratch.

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Squatters’ party room

A building in Shoreditch was due to be demolished in 2017 to make way for a new development, but squatters had moved in and made conditions so unhygienic that it was unsafe to tear down without first being cleaned.

Squatters had occupied the property for so long that it had been turned into a “squatters’ hotel” with rooms for different needs, including a party room with a bar. Fleas and other insects had infested the building, sewage waste was abundant, and there were signs of drug use.

CleanSafe’s extreme cleaning services included:

  • Fumigating the premises
  • Needle sweep and safe disposal
  • Removing biological hazards such as sewage
  • Clearing furniture and other junk
  • Fully sanitising all areas
  • Removing and safely disposing of 15 tonnes of waste

As the building was to be demolished, a full environmental deep clean was not necessary, but it was essential to ensure that site demolition workers were able to enter the building safely.

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Four dogs locked in a house

Earlier this year, the Salvation Army contacted CleanSafe to sanitise a pensioner’s house after she was suddenly hospitalised, leaving four dogs locked in the house for five days.

The dogs had urinated and defecated throughout the house, creating a serious biological hazard, and had caused further mess and damage by searching bins and cupboards for food.

CleanSafe’s extreme cleaning services included:

  • Safely removing faeces and other waste
  • Legally disposing of biohazardous waste
  • Chemically disinfecting the house
  • Ensuring that the house was safe for the owner’s return

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Factory acid spill

CleanSafe were called out for an emergency chemical clean following an acid spill at a high-tech factory in 2016.

Hundreds of workers were evacuated after the spill resulted in the release of vapourised acid, which came into contact with the machinery as well as ceilings, walls and floors. Following the emergency response phase, CleanSafe were tasked with neutralising the acid to prevent long-term damage.

vCleanSafe’s extreme cleaning services included:

  • Site inspection
  • Risk assessment
  • Decontamination plan
  • High-level cleaning with a cherry picker
  • Low-level cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning of sophisticated machinery

Working at night-time to minimise impact on the factory’s production, CleanSafe fully decontaminated all surfaces and removed all acid residue over the course of three weeks, leaving no further risk to staff, the equipment or the building.

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Student accommodation

In 2014, CleanSafe stepped in to help a property company to prepare student accommodation for the next year’s intake, which meant cleaning over 90 kitchens and almost 300 rooms in under a week.

The student flats had been lived in for a year and required deep cleaning, rubbish removal and, in some cases, environmental cleaning techniques in order to be returned to a livable condition.

CleanSafe’s extreme cleaning services included:

  • Assessing the task, prioritising work and assigning specialist cleaning teams
  • Cleaning ovens, fridges and kitchen surfaces
  • Scrubbing floors and cleaning carpets
  • Removing and correctly disposing of 5 tonnes of waste
  • Clearing toilets of waste
  • Cleaning showers, sinks and toilets

The team worked quickly and thoroughly, completing the cleaning project on time to ensure that the student flats were ready for their new residents.

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Abandoned four-storey terrace

CleanSafe were called upon in 2015 to clear out a row of nine four-storey properties in south London, which had been taken over squatters and fly-tipping. The properties were infested with wild animals and vermin, and contaminated by rubbish, human faeces, urine, vomit and used needles.

Due to the scale of the cleanup project and the presence of drug use, a professional and fully licensed company was essential to ensure that the terrace could be returned to a useable condition and either redeveloped or refurbished.

CleanSafe’s extreme cleaning services included:

  • Full site inspection
  • Needle sweep and safe removal of sharps
  • Clearing waste from the site
  • Recycling rubble and WEEE
  • Safely disposing of hazardous waste and contaminated materials
  • Removing 44 tonnes of waste
  • Sanitising and disinfecting the cleared areas

Just clearing the contaminated waste from the ground floor areas of the nine properties took 10 CleanSafe operatives two weeks to complete in this mammoth task.

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Extreme cleaning services from CleanSafe

As you can see, we’re no strangers to extreme cleaning jobs.

If you’ve got a mammoth cleaning task, get in touch with CleanSafe. We’re experts in safely removing, cleaning and disposing of all types of hazardous waste, and we’ve never come across a job that we can’t do.

Speak to us online or give us a call on 0800 668 1268

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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