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Praise for emergency shop cleaning response

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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A facilities management company called CleanSafe Services at 7 o’clock on a Sunday morning to help clean a former supermarket – and the company had a team on site, ready to work in just two hours.

Carmichaels FM was let down by another contractor commissioned to carry out the cleaning work at the shopping centre in east London, so put an urgent call through to CleanSafe Services.

CleanSafe responded instantly to the shop cleaning project, getting a team of extreme cleaners on site and working by 9am, and returning on Monday and Tuesday, to keep on track a plan for a new tenant to move in to the 4,342 sq m retail unit.

Luke Smith, Carmichaels FM Regional Manager for London and South East, said: “The service provided by CleanSafe Services was exceptional. To get a cleaning team on site, and working on a Sunday in two hours was amazing.

“We had been badly let down, and CleanSafe Services was, for us, a rescue service. Their teams were diligent, hard-working and skilled at what they did. They brought with them all the right equipment, protective clothing and PPE.

“What had been a very stressful moment for us became much more relaxed, as we could see that the work would be completed, professionally and thoroughly, and our client would not be let down.

“A lot rested on getting this retail unit ready in time, both commercially for our client, and for our reputation, and it’s true to say that CleanSafe Services made it happen by responding so quickly.

“They are A1, and I will be using them again, at every opportunity.”

Emergency shop clean toilet clean before Emergency shop clean toilet clean after


The CleanSafe Services team deep cleaned all toilets, which had been in a very dirty condition. They also cleaned and sanitised back office areas and the shop floor, which was covered in a thick layer of dust and debris left by the retail strip-out contractor.

Through its sister company WasteSafe, CleanSafe Services also collected 12 tonnes of construction waste, including rubble and plasterboard, and disposed of it at an authorised waste site.

CleanSafe Services Business Development Manager Colin Williams said: “As the UK’s most experienced emergency cleaners, fast turnarounds like this are our stock-in-trade, but it’s great for us to know we did a good job for Carmichaels FM.

“Our emergency shop cleaning teams are dedicated professionals and enjoy the challenge of responding at a moment’s notice to emergencies like this.

“Having the right equipment, procedures and expertise is in place is essential to carry out what can be complex cleaning tasks, involving potentially hazardous materials and environments, safely and effectively within the timeframes our clients require.”

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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Chris Macdonald

Chris has strategic responsibility for sales development and major accounts management at SafeGroup. He was a professional footballer with Southampton FC until a series of injuries ended his career while still a teenager. Chris began working as a helpdesk controller for a national FM company in 2004. By 2013 he was its managing director. From there he joined SafeGroup in 2018, bringing with him huge expertise plus the energy, enthusiasm and drive that would have surely made him a success in the Premier League. He does, however, still enjoy playing football.