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CleanSafe is safe bet for paint removal after punter makes a splash

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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A betting firm put its money on a dead cert by calling in CleanSafe to carry out emergency paint removal work at one of its high street shops.

A punter had got the hump after losing a bet, and returned to splash emulsion paint all over the windows at the betting shop in Liverpool.

The betting firm called CleanSafe – and our Manchester depot immediately sent an emergency team to clean off the before it even had a chance to dry.

CleanSafe Regional Manager Matthew Bottrell said: “Emergency paint removal is made easier if we get the call for help straight away, as we did on this occasion.”

“We were able to wipe off most of the paint with cloths, then use a high pressure washer to clean off the rest of the paint, without having to resort to heavy detergents.”

Before starting the paint removal, the CleanSafe operatives blocked off the surface water drains, so no paint could get into the drainage system and cause pollution problems.

Betting shop paint removal Sept 2014

Matthew Bottrell added: “We also used the high pressure washer to clean paint off the pavement, where it had also been spilled.

“The whole paint removal process took four hours, leaving the betting shop spotless and clean.”

CleanSafe provides a national extreme cleaning service, which also includes graffiti removal and flyposter removal, as well as paint cleaning.

All services are designed to be cost-effective, fast and environmental sound. We can also offer highly-effective solutions to project surfaces against future graffiti attacks.

For more information, call the CleanSafe 24 hour helpline today: 0800 668 1268.

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