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Biohazards and waste mountains in student accommodation deep clean

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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The race is now on to ready halls of residence and student flats for their new occupants in the annual summer deep clean.

CleanSafe Services Director, Martin Bull, said: “A student accommodation deep clean takes each room back to its original standard, no matter what state it’s in. This is not the same as a standard scheduled cleaning service.

Garbage Waste

“In one single hall of residence with 300 rooms and 90 kitchens, we had a week to complete the deep clean. Ovens, fridges and kitchen surfaces had to be left spotless, toilets and showers scrubbed and carpets cleaned.

“Operatives were confronted with dirty toilets, showers and sinks which had to be cleared of waste before they could be used again.

“Body fluids, faeces, and contaminated food are all classed as hazardous waste. Left long enough, they can turn into an environmental hazard putting other occupants at risk,” says Martin.

“Our job is to make each room look as though it hasn’t been lived in before, and we succeeded.”

Moving the waste mountain

Before the deep cleaning could start there was a mountain of waste to remove.

“The students managed to leave behind five tonnes of waste – and this was despite regular scheduled waste collections throughout the year,” said Martin.

“Thankfully our sister company WasteSafe Services was able to provide an emergency waste collection service to remove the rubbish.”

When untidiness becomes an environmental hazard

CleanSafe Services works closely with private student accommodation providers and the facilities management companies used by universities and student property companies to provide student accommodation deep cleaning services.

Student halls and flats can be left in such a poor state that CleanSafe Services operatives need to use biohazard cleaning techniques.

“We always carry specialist sanitising chemicals and equipment, including protective clothing and goggles, just in case,” says Martin.

“We work with student accommodation facilities and property managers, but we have experience across all sectors. We are prepared to deal with just about any cleaning issue including squatters, crime scenes, kitchen fire and flood damage.”

Experienced teams, methodical approach

CleanSafe Services specialises in emergency cleaning services, aiming to attend an emergency cleaning situation within hours.

From deep cleaning a single house to an entire student accommodation block, highly experienced CleanSafe operatives work quickly and methodically to make the premises sparkle.

CleanSafe Services is part of the Safe Group which offers cleaning, waste management, pest control and legionella testing. Some or all services can be included in tailor-made annual maintenance packages.

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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