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20 Beautiful Restaurants You’d Love to Eat At

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup


Chris Macdonald

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Our recent kitchen cleaning guide has put us in a gastronomic mood. We thought we’d direct our attention away from dirty ovens and grease traps and instead take time to credit to those restaurants who pay special attention to not only keeping their kitchen clean, but  make their front of house a really special place for their customers to dine.

Dinner – Hyde Park, London

Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner is one of the most famous restaurants in London and opened in 2011, taking just 1 year to gain a Michelin Star.  The most expensive item on the menu is Mushroom ketchup & triple cooked chips at £78.00 while the cheapest are; apple, fennel & vanilla ice cream at £12.00 only.

COI, San Fransisco, USA

COI is a wonderfully amazing restaurant based in San Francisco. Since its inception in 2006,  the restaurant has had a tremendous growth winning two Michelin stars, thanks to its great service and superior food.

The restaurant offers menu based on the best on the locality at only $150.

Daniel – Manhattan, USA

This is an elegant restaurant that offers delightful service in Manhattan. The restaurant serves excellent French cuisine in architecturally stunning surroundings. The restaurants boost of having the coveted three-star Michelin rating, which only a few other restaurants in its neighborhoods have.

The most expensive item on the menu are the  Golden Ossetra going at  $470 supplement for 50 g  while the cheapest is a cheese Selection in Lieu of Dessert at $18 Supplement

DeWolf Tavern Restaurant – Rhode Island, USA

The DeWolf Tavern is a beautiful restaurant located on the Thames Street at the heart of Bristol, Rhode Island. The restaurant specializes in serving delicious contemporary American cuisine. DeWolf Tavern also offers a delightful collection of rum from the entire Caribbean, an excellent house cocktail and a Rum Raisin.

Eleven, Madison Park – New York, USA

This is a beautiful New York based restaurant that is located on the edge of the enchanting Madson Park. The restaurant serves beautiful, nutritious dishes that reflect the agricultural prowess of New York’s neighborhoods.

The restaurant serves a fixed menu at $225

Etxebarri – Atxondo, Spain

The Etxaberri restaurant is located inside the Atxondo valley, far from noise at the foothills of the enchantingly beautiful mount Anboto.  The restaurant serves wonderful dishes prepared from local ingredients and using ancient cooking techniques.

The restaurant serves wonderful dishes and a prix fix menu goes at 125 € excluding drinks

Septime – Paris, France

Septime restaurant is a popular restaurant located in Paris, France. As a confirmation to its quality menu and service, the restaurant has featured in every must eat list in Paris. The menu served in this restaurant is simply a list of three ingredients per dish.

At Septime restraint, lunch goes at while a full 5-course carte blanche menu goes for (55€.)

Viajante – London, England

Viajante is a Portuguese word which means traveler and this influences the kind of dishes served at this restaurant. Viajante is located in the East London and  is dedicated to serving all kinds of people.

The cheapest item on the menu is a 6 Course Dinner going at £78 while the most expensive is a 12 Course Dinner with Beverage Pairing at £180

Pujol – Mexico City, Mexico

Pujol is a world class restaurant located in Mexico. Pujol specializes in serving delicious authentic Mexican dishes such as menudo, chochinita pibil and Chiles en nogada. The restaurant brings creativity to the way traditional Mexican dishes were prepared and served to delight both locals and visitors.

The prix fix menu at this restaurant goes at seven hundred ninety-four pesos.

Quay – Sydney, Australia

Quay restaurant is Australia’s premier restaurant located in Sydney. The restaurant is set in a picturesque harbor city surrounded by stunningly beautiful maritime neighborhoods. The restaurant is known for serving inspiring dishes.

For lunch Quay offers a 3 course menu for $135 per person and dinner, a four course menu for $175 or the Tasting menu for $225.

Quique Dacosta – Denia, Spain

Quique Dacosta Restaurant started as a family restaurant called El poblet back in 1981.  The name changed in 2009 to Quique Dacosta after the current owner, who took over the running of the family restaurant in 2009. This Spanish restaurant serves modernistic cuisine that incorporates ingredients from the Denia area in Spain where the restaurant is located.

There are two Manus served a traditional menu that goes at €135 and a contemporary menu going at €165.

Relae – Copenhagen, Denmark

The restaurant Relæ is a world class restaurant that is focused on the top end gastronomy. The has been taking bold steps to break away from the norms as a result brings its customers creatively delicious dishes in a warm welcoming environment.

The cheapest items on the menu are cheese Blå kornblomst and green herbs 85 kr while the most expensive are 7 courses 675 Kr.

Ristorante Bartolotta – Milwaukee, USA

Ristorante Bartolotta was established in 1993 by brothers joe and paul Bartolotta in Milwaukee. The restaurant specializes in serving fresh, testy but simple traditional Italian dishes.

The most expensive items on the menu are oscietre caviar, traditional condiments 50 grams at $ 325.00 while charcoal-grilled Mediterranean sardines, salmoriglio  at $18.00 are the cheapest.

The Test Kitchen – Cape Town, South Africa

The test kitchen is a delightful restaurant established by Luke Dale Roberts in 2010 in Cape Town’s Woodstock district. The test kitchen specializes in serving great foods and offering great services.

Desserts such as Rhubarb Rose, rhubarb terrine, roasted strawberry butter, clotted cream and rose granite are the cheapest at R85 while Gourmand menu with wine pairing at R1200 is the most expensive item

The Castle Hotel & Spa – Tarrytown, USA

The Castle hotel and spa is a Manhattan based award-winning restaurant with a rich worldwide reputation for its beauty. The restaurant is set in a picturesque location on the highest point of Westchester County and overlooks the amazing Hudson River. The restaurant is also known for its great service, amazing comfort and wonderful amenities.

The restaurant serves a five course prix fix dinner at $75 while the cheapest item on the menu is Chopped Salad at $ 14.

The Ledbury – Notting Hill, England

The Ledbury restaurant was established in 2005 by an award winning chef Brett Graham. The restaurant is a beautiful eatery located in the Notting Hill, London. The restaurant serves delightful French dishes with an English and Australian touch.

The restaurant serves a three course prix fix dinner at £80.00 and the cheapest item on the menu is Toasted Sourdough Ice Cream at £9.00

Le Bernardin – New York, USA

Le Bernardin, is a New York based restaurant that is internationally acclaimed for serving seafood. The restaurant was named after an order of monks whose love for food and drinks was revered. This is the most awarded restraints in New York for excellence.

Dinner is a Prix-Fixe at $135 for 4 courses, while lunch is a Prix-Fixe at $76 for 3 courses

Tori Tori Restaurant – Mexico City, Mexico

Tori Tori Restaurant is the best Japanese restaurant in Mexico.  Located in Mexico City and with a heavenly design, this Japanese restraint has had tremendous success in the past few years. The restaurant serves lots of Japanese dishes such as sushi, with a number of Mexican meals.

This restaurant serves a prix fix dinner at MXN 500 and lunch at 25% less.

Geranium – Copenhagen, Denmark

Geranium restaurant is perched on the 8th floor in Fælledparken at the heat of Copenhagen. Its location lets enjoy its beautiful green surrounding. The restaurant serves awesome meals that delight every dinner.

The Universe Tasting Menu   at 1500 DKK is the most expensive item served while Juice Pairing, which goes at 350 Dkk, is the cheapest

Attica – Melbourne, Australia

Attica is an Australian based restaurant that is renowned for its excellent quality service and fascinating flavors. The refined dishes served at this restaurant are often sourced from around Australia giving one a true Australian flavor.

The additional Wine available on Tuesdays for $70 per person is the cheapest item on the menu while the 8 course tasting dinner is the most expensive, going at $180 per head.

Chris Macdonald - Sales Director - SafeGroup
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